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When the language failed to deliver

Dear Mala

I put note on wet clothes. You take off your clothes. No tell me. You no help. Tell your husband. Husband angry. Come beat me. Neighbour help each other. You no help. Only beat. Very bad. I complain.

I live alone. Need help. I leak gas. Bad smell. Everywhere. Opened window. Still bad smell. No cook. No food.

Sitting hungry on bed. Can come your house and eat you? You very tasty. You cook. I smell you from window. Drop saliva.

Do not tell husband. Husband angry. Beat me. I come when no husband. Secret. You and me. Fun.

Your Muthu

After much labour Muthu could aim the letter successfully, packing it with a stone when Mala was drying the pickles on the terrace. For a moment she looked here and there to find the sender. Muthu was grinning widely at her from next door. With rage in her eyes she stared at him for few seconds. Then rushed downward.

It was less than fifteen minutes the loud bang on his door startled Muthu. Mala’s husband was standing with a stick in his hand. And he was not alone. He was accompanied by a number of other neighbours. The letter, just delivered was peeping from his shirt pocket.

He pulled it out and shouted, “What is this?”

Bewildered Muthu was lost for words. Taking his silence as the sign of guilt the neighbours started beating him mercilessly. Things would have turned ugly if the village leader wouldn’t have interfered. He was sentenced to be ousted from the locality immediately. Muthu was in no position to protest and he ran away as quickly as possible. Till date he wonders how the letter failed to deliver what he meant.


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Sreeparna Sen
Sreeparna Sen
Sreeparna Sen, a Banker by profession and a Computer Engineer by education, finds her solace in writing. Aspires to become a published author someday. When she is not poking her nose in the bank documents , you can mostly find her nose in a book or Facebook.
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