March 2020

“Yayy, you got him! I love you Daddy,” eight-year-old Shanaya shrieked, lifting me up from the ribboned basket. 

I licked her face, as excited as the tiny human who was intent on cuddling me and fussing over me.

The Guptas had bought me from the Mehrotras. One in a litter of seven puppies, with a small red nose and full-on red coat, I knew I made a cute picture.

A perfect Red Nose Pit Bull! 

And Shanaya was as perfect for me, as I was for her.

That night, I glanced over at Shanaya while I lay on the softest blanket in my basket. It felt so good! Lulled by the gentle breeze and the sweet hum of the AC, I dozed off.

Ooh boy, was I hungry! 

Dawn was just breaking and Shanaya was in deep sleep. Hunger pangs were driving me insane and the soft blanket underneath me, so inviting!

“Yikes! Raghav, see what he’s done. I told you that getting a puppy wasn’t a good choice. But do you ever listen!” loud voices roused me from deep slumber.

Hazy eyed, I looked up to see three pairs of eyes staring back. Shanaya picked me up to say sternly, “Naughty boy, look what you did! Now say sorry to Mumma.”

Eyeing the mess, I turned hopeful eyes to Mommy, seeking forgiveness. She walked away without a word.

Days passed. They called me ‘Snuggles’. It was Shanaya’s idea as all she had to do was pick me up and I snuggled in return.

May 2020

I was trained in time, all thanks to Daddy. There were some disasters too, before I learnt that I could only relieve myself once I was outdoors in the park downstairs. 

And the food, I tell you! 

My nose twitched each time I smelt chicken. Yummy treat! Though I wish I could say the same about Broccoli. Yuck! But Mommy refused to let me go, until it was all finished.

As I settled in, I felt bliss. Before it all changed.

July 2020

Something was amiss. I heard hushed whispers as the entire family was cooped indoors due to the lockdown. It had been brewing for days now. I heard words like ‘no job’, ‘relocate’, ‘less money’, but it made no sense. Shanaya remained cranky while Daddy and Mommy looked stressed. 

Oh dear, how I wished I could help them!

That night as the clock struck twelve, daddy beckoned me outside. He led me to the car on a leash.

We drove for miles. I was thrilled to be outdoors. As the car stopped, Daddy opened the door and I leaped out, eager to be free. I ran ahead before turning back to realize that Daddy hadn’t followed. Confused, I ran back to the spot. The car was gone. And Daddy too!

Present Day

I continue to wait in the same spot as I had been taught, but Daddy isn’t back yet. Why?


Photo By: Pixabay

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  1. Very sad. Many instances of humans abandoning animals after the initial excitement of having one dies down. My daughter had adopted an abandoned bunny rabbit

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