“Nishu ,  why don’t you get up ? It is already five . “ that was mother shouting . Nisha moved out of her cosy bed reluctantly . How she hated her home . Old furniture, faded curtains,paint peeling off the walls. And all this bickerning , father , mother , grandma and sometimes even the younger brother trying to put some sense into  her .Nisha hurriedly did the dusting . Helped mother to pack the lunch boxes .Grumbling inwardly .
                          She was not like this always . Everything changed when she joined as a sales girl in the showroom of famous jewellery brand .That world of of glamour dazzled her. Her hopes and aspirations rose .
            She looked wonderful in her pale pink uniform saree  with a  touch of makeup and neatly tied bun .Since the time she had joined  here , the clientele of this Jewellery showroom had increased tenfold. Her convincing manner,huge eyes and sharp features attracted every one. She was cheerful and lively here . What she liked here best was the attention she got from her colleagues and complements from the clients . She felt like a super model as what ever piece of jewellery she tried ,suited  her perfectly .
                  There he was again . Tall and handsome with perfect manners of a gentleman .He had visited the show room along with his mother to buy ornaments for his sister’s wedding . Then he started coming all alone . Many times she had seen his car parked nearby . Their glances met and friendship ensued. They met often Worried mother stood at the door when she started coming late.  Nisha could  find hundreds of excuses However everyone  in the market came to know about their affair.
                      As Ma was tidying her things , a few pairs of earrings fell down . Alarmed she stood there . Had she been stealing from the shop ?She shuddered to think of  consequences . That night she confronted her in front of the family  .Nisha blurted out the truth and his gifts and told he was ready to marry her .   Father was furious .” You don’t know these rich guys . How they flirt with girls . I don’t want to hear anything about  him again .”
              Now their meetings became more secretive . He convinced her of his love . They decided to elope . Nisha thought of her life a queen .Dressed eloquently , surrounded by servants , waiting for her love in the evening .
          Slyly she started planning for the day .” Who will miss me ? My parents don’ t love me ! In the showroom they will find another girl in no time .Grandma  and brother may for sometime.”
                  She moved to the allocated place straight after her duty on her scooty . She kept thinking . She remembered her favourite nitch near the window where she watched birds bathing . Grandma oiling her hair . Mother and father were not so bad after all . How they cared for her whenever she fell sick . Then she thought about her bright future life .
                Here he was, standing near his car. She stopped .She was looking stunning, with flustered face and scattered tresses . He hugged her passionately . Suddenly some thing  overtook her .” Sometimes there is no happy choice ,Nisha,only one less grievous than the other “ she told herself and slowly freed herself from his grip and ran back . Took her  scooty and raced quickly towards her home .


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