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ArtoonsInn BookSwapInn is exclusive for the members/artoons from ArtoonsInn Writers Room.

Artoons BookSwapInn Terms and Conditions to Sign up:

By signing up for the ArtoonsInn BookSwapInn:

  1. You grant ArtoonsInn permission to share your address and contact details with any Signed up Artoon from the Inn.
    November 2020 Signed up artoons: https://writers.artoonsinn.com/room8/artoonsbookswapinn/#reg-artoons
  2. You understand that ArtoonsInn is not liable for any compensation or refunds for book/s that are returned undelivered, lost during shipping, etc.
  3. You understand the possibility that you may not receive any book from anyone.
  4. You are accepting all the website policies of www.artoonsinn.com.

Artoons BookSwapInn Terms and Conditions to Request an address.

  1. You must have been an active member of ArtoonsInn Writers and Readers’ room | Room8 within the period of January 2020 to October 2020.
  2. You must be signed up for the Artoons BookSwapInn.
  3. You agree to share a Government-authorized ID of yours with ArtoonsInn through email if requested.
  4. You agree to provide ArtoonsInn with the tracking details of the shipment if requested.
  5. You agree that you’ll not share the Address and contact details with any third parties.
  6. You agree ArtoonsInn has the right to ignore an Address Request.
  7. You agree that you’re liable to report to any legal actions taken against you when and if found guilty or proved that you have misused the provided address details by ArtoonsInn.

If you wish to send a book published by room9 Publications of ArtoonsInn, avail a special discount on our books here:


For personalised messages on books where you are featured in (such as ‘Hawks of ArtoonsInn series’ or Rewind’), write to <<this email>> with your message and we will send the recipient your message.


NOTE: Depending on your activity within the Inn, ArtoonsInn reserves the right to decline your sign-up in this acitivity.

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