Five00-5 | Writing Event

Write a story in 500 words which starts with a death.

Event Rules:

  1. Minimum 450 and maximum 500 words.
  2. No previously published writings. No plagiarism.
  3. 1 entry per person. Only Word documents are considered. Email your entry to [email protected] with the subject “#Five00-5 entry”. Entries submitted after the deadline will be considered as guest entries.
  4. Send a high quality, non-copyrighted cover picture along with your story (Refer
  5. Read and review the stories out of 10, of the participants who reviewed you.
  6. Submissions close on 14th January 23:59. Winner announcement on 24th January 18:00.
  7. Winner gets a popular novel in the market delivered to their address.
  8. Members of Claws club are welcome to participate in Five00-5, however, they will not be considered when choosing the winner.

Disclaimer: By sending your story you are allowing us to share your story on our website accepting the ArtoonsInn website policies.

–>Who are the judges?
Judgement will be based on the ratings and reviews from three different panels.
Public/Participant reviews in the comments, Wings Club members, ArtoonsInn Judges.

–>All readers are requested to review and rate the stories they read and let the best story win.

–>The most active member and the best reviewer in the writers’ and readers’ room throughout the event would be featured ‘Artoon of the month’ and ‘Reviewer of the month’ respectively by the end of the event.

–>It is suggested that if you wish to see honest reviews on your story, write your honest reviews for others as well. Our community encourages participants who support and encourage others.

–>Stories written prior to the event or previously published works are neither considered for winning nor will be included in the event.
*Anyone sharing previously published content may be barred from the next month’s event*.

–>Participants accused of plagiarism will be removed from the ArtoonsInn community.

–>Invite your writer/reader friends to our community.

Join ArtoonsInn Clubs:

–>Claws Club for the prime writers of ArtoonsInn. Check the criteria in the below link and write to [email protected] if you are meeting the criteria.

Claws membership card:

Jayashree Claws

–>Wings Club: The writer-makers club.
Share your honest and best reviews for the stories shared this month and you may become part of this honorary club.

Wings membership card:


–>Get your ArtoonsInn cards: 

1. Guest Card:

Madhu D Roy1

2. Participation Card:


3. Blue Card:


4. Winner Card:

YT-winner card

Five00-5 prompt by: Shankar Hosagoudar

Event Organizers: Husna ThaslimMithru RachamallaShankar Hosagoudar and Srivalli Rekha


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