X-Mastoons | One day writing event

Theme: The Spirit of Christmas

For writers:

  1. Write-up type: Short story or memoir or journal/diary entry.
  2. Word Limit: 150-300 words. No plagiarism.
  3. No. of entries per person: One! So send us your Very BEST!
  4. How and where to send:
    1.Submissions tab on our website (https://writers.artoonsinn.com/contact-us) or
    2. E-Mail us at [email protected] (Don’t fail to mention ‘Christmas entry’ in the subject.)
  5. Submissions end at 6 pm IST, 24th December.
  6. Winner will be announced at 9 Pm IST, 25th December.
  7. Wings Club members, ArtoonsInn judges(new) and the readers’ reviews and ratings(1-10) are taken into consideration while choosing the winner. The ratings on the ‘publicly’ shared posts will also be considered.
  8. Disclaimer: By sending your story you are allowing us to share your story on our website www.artoonsinn.com accepting the ArtoonsInn website policies.

For Readers:

  1. The stories will be shared in the Writers and Readers Room of ArtoonsInn between 6 am and 6 pm on 24th December ’18.
  2. Do encourage the writers by sharing your reviews in the comments even if it is a one word comment.
  3. Rate the writings on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best.
  4. The ratings on the ‘publicly’ shared posts will be considered, too. Do ‘publicly'(for the event organizers to note the scores) share your story posted in the Writers and Readers Room. The ratings given after 4 pm IST, 25th December will not be considered.

X-Mastoons prompt by: Husna Thaslim

Reimagine Event Organizers: Husna Thaslim, Mithru Rachamalla and Srivalli Rekha

Queries: Write to [email protected] (or) [email protected]

Join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WritersAndReadersRoom/
Like: https://www.facebook.com/ArtoonsInn/

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