Pandemic Writing Event

Pandemic | UniK-6 | A Writing Event

With the world’s population under lockdown, what is happening with your protagonist? What is he/she dealing with because of the pandemic?
Tell us the story.

Where to start: Your characters could be (Not mandatory):

A healer, A volunteer, A survivor, A family with a corona patient, A corona patient, A delivery boy, A fiance, etc.

–> This is an open event for everyone to participate in. However, we may not be able to accept submissions from Mars and Pluto at the moment. We are working on it.

Event Rules:

  1. Word limit: Minimum 950 and maximum 1000 words.
    –>Please note that Endnotes/footnotes in entries will be excluded from Word count only when they stand independent of the story and act as a reference.
    Examples for Endnotes that will NOT be included in word count:
    Glossary, Credits, Reference links.
    Examples for Endnotes that WILL be included in word count:
    Epilogue, Author Notes (If the story depends on it for clarification), PostScript
  2. 1 entry per person. Only Word documents are considered. No previously published writings. (We do not allow modifications after your entry has been published, however, they will be updated after the event results have been announced.)
  3. Send in your entries via the Submissions form on our website:
    Entries submitted after the deadline will be considered as Guest entries. Entries received after the deadline may not be shared in the Writers and Readers’ Room on Facebook.
  4. Send a non-copyrighted cover picture along with your writing (Refer via the submission form. Please note that entries sent without a cover or photographer credits attested may not be published.
  5. ArtoonsInn Rulfy Policy: Share your opinions on the stories of the participants who had shared their opinions on yours with a #rulfy request. Add #rulfied at the end of your comment when you fulfill the #rulfy request.
    (If you wish to hear opinions from any participant, we recommend sharing your opinions first on their writing by adding #rulfy at the end of your comment.) The deadline for rulfying will be announced on 6th April 2020.
    Note: Not following this rule may not affect the winning chances of a participant, however, the participant may be barred from future writing event(s) in the Writers and Readers’ Room of ArtoonsInn — given there are  complaints from fellow participants.
  6. Entries will be published on Published Entries on the website will be shared on the ArtoonsInn Facebook Page or Writers and Readers’ Room | ArtoonsInn or any other ArtoonsInn affiliate sites for the public to read.
  7. Submissions close on 5th April 2020 at 23:59 of the participant location’s standard time. Winner announcement on Recognition Day, 30th April 2020. The winner gets a book delivered to their (Indian) address.
  8. Entries are expected in Prose-style with coherent Short Story diction. Ballads/Narrative poems will be considered as non-competing entries.
  9. Wash your hands regularly. Self-isolate yourself or avoid social gatherings. Stay safe.
  10. Enjoy writing!

Disclaimer 1: By submitting your story to us, you are allowing ArtoonsInn to share your story on our website accepting all ArtoonsInn website terms and conditions.

Disclaimer 2: Your stories may be subjected to receive serious criticism by the members of ArtoonsInn Writers Room.

–>Should you choose to present your entry anonymously, you may request for it to be done so. Your name will not be updated or made public until requested otherwise.

–>It is suggested that if you wish to see honest reviews on your story, you write honest reviews for others as well. ArtoonsInn encourages participants who support, encourage and communicate with others in a diplomatic manner.

–>Stories written prior to the event or works previously published elsewhere are neither considered competing nor encouraged. Anyone sharing previously published content may be barred from the next month’s event.

–>Participants accused of plagiarism will be removed from the ArtoonsInn.

Prompt by: Kruti Bharadwa
Event Organizers: Husna Thaslim, Kruti Bharadwa, Mithru Rachamalla, and Pallavi Suri.

Note: | Room8 is still under construction. The website will be officially launched on 23rd April. In the meantime, in case you come across any glitches while browsing through the website, we would much appreciate you writing the same to [email protected].


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