Mother Earth | ODE-5


Write a story in which Mother Earth has decided to become selfish for a day.

Rules for writers/artoons:

  1. Word Limit: 250-300 words. No plagiarism. STRICTLY no previously published entries.
  2. One entry per person. So send us your BEST! Please note that the first entry you send will be considered as the (final) competing entry.
  3. How and where to send:  E-Mail your entries to us at [email protected] (Don’t fail to mention ‘#MotherEarth entry’ in the subject.)
  4. Entries are expected in Prose-style with coherent Short Story diction. Ballads/Narrative poems will be considered as guest entries.
  5. Submissions end at 4 pm IST, 20th April. Entries will be shared on the ArtoonsInn Facebook page.
  6. The top 10 stories will be filtered through ratings(0-10) given by the readers, and a winner will be picked from those 10 stories.
  7. Winner will be announced on Recognition Day, 30th April.
  8. By sending/e-mailing your story to [email protected] you are allowing us to share your story on our website accepting the ArtoonsInn website policies.
  9. Enjoy Writing!

Event Sponsored and Organized by the Watchers of ArtoonsInn.

Event prompt by Husna Thaslim
Event hosts: Husna Thaslim, Mithru Rachamalla,  Pallavi Suri, Piya Gajbe and Shankar Hosagoudar

Instagram: @artoonsinn

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