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NOTE: This is an exclusive game hosted by ArtoonsInn and conducted at ArtoonsInn’s Room8 – the Writers and Readers’ Room.

Check out FAQs of ArttrA-3 here:

–>Members selected by Minders to their teams from the Nest are considered competing.
–>Check out the Minder’s role and responsibilities here:
–>A team comprising of 7 members each, write a short story for the prompt allotted to their team.
–>Guest entries for all prompts are welcome.
–>Participation cards are awarded to all participants.
Here is what you can do using a participation card:

Competing Teams:

Team 1: Heads and Tales

Minder: Ms. Pallavi Sawant Uttekar(B)

Team members:
Ms. Itali Madusmita(B)
Mr. Ratnakar Baggi(F)
Ms. Meha Sharma(F)
Ms. Piya Gajbe(F)
Ms. Geeta Jena(F)
Mr. Manoj Paprikar(F)

Allotted prompt: 

Tales from the grave- a dead person’s perspective.
(Proposed by Team Scribe Tribe)


Team 2: Scribe Tribe

Minder: Ms. Priya Bajpai(B)

Team members:
Ms. Aoishi Chakrabarty(F)
Ms. Anupriya Gupta(F)
Ms. Natasha Sequeira(F)
Ms. Jayashree Pillai(C)
Ms. Sai Surve-Rane(F, P)
Ms. Sreeparna Sen(C)

Allotted prompt:

Two strangers meet at a cemetery.

Set your story based on this premise.
(Proposed by Team
viibrant quillers)

Team 3: viibrant quillers

Minder: Mr. Vardharajan Ramesh(F)

Team members:
Ms. Charulata Panigrahi(F)
Ms. Tanima Das Mitra(C)
Ms. Sonali Bhattacharya(F)
Mr. Yatindra Tawde(C)
Dr. Shraddha Niphadkar(F)
Ms. Anushi Batra(N)

Allotted prompt: 

Write a  story wherein a toss of coin – Heads or Tails alters the lives of two characters.

(Proposed by Team
Heads and Tales)


Mr. Shankar Hosagoudar(W)
Ms. Srivalli Rekha(C, W, P)
Ms. Divisha Agrawal Mittal(W, F)
Ms. Seema Taneja(E, F)
Ms. Sarita Khullar(F)
Mr. Mithru Rachamalla(WA)

C-Claws Club Member
W-Wings Club Member
B-Beaks Club Member
F-Feathers Club Member
E-Eyes Club Member
P-Poets Club Member
WA-Watcher of ArtoonsInn

Event Sponsor: Diners Club International

Event Rules:

  1. Word limit: Minimum 1100 and maximum 3000 words.
    Please note that End-notes/footnotes in entries will be excluded from Word count only when they stand independent to the story and act as reference.
    Examples for end-notes that will NOT be included in word count:
    Glossary, Credits, Reference links
    Examples for end-notes that WILL be included in word count:
    Epilogue, Author Notes (If the story depends on it for clarification), Post Script
  2. 1 entry per person. The first entry you send will be considered as the (final) competing entry. Only Word documents are considered. No previously published writings. No plagiarism.
  3. Email your entry to [email protected] with the subject “ArttrA-3 Entry | Team Title”. Alternatively, you can use the submissions tab on the website. Entries submitted after the deadline will not be considered eligible for competing or receive a Participation card.
  4. Send a high quality, non-copyrighted cover picture along with your story (Refer ArtoonsInn appreciates your sending the photographer credits along with the picture. Please note that entries sent without a cover attested may be delayed in sharing.
  5. ArtoonsInn Rulfy Policy: Read, rate and review the stories of your co-participants using the #rulfy along with your comment which denotes a review request and #rulfied which denotes a completion of the request.
  6. Published Entries on the ArtoonsInn website will be shared in the Writers and Readers’ Room | ArtoonsInn on Facebook for the public to read.
  7. Submissions close on 18th August 2019 at 23:59 IST. Winning team announcement on Recognition Day, 31st August 2019. The winning team members get 2 books each from the other 2 teams.
  8. Entries are expected in Prose-style with coherent Short Story diction. Ballads/Narrative poems will be disqualified.
  9. Enjoy writing!

Disclaimer 1: By sending your story to us, you are allowing ArtoonsInn to share your story on our website accepting all ArtoonsInn website policies.

Disclaimer 2: Your stories may be subjected to receive serious criticism. Kindly know about Artoons’ rights here:

–>Participants may wish to have their stories shared as an anonymous entries. However, the team title will be shared along with the entry.

–>Stories written prior to the event or works previously published elsewhere are neither considered for winning nor encouraged. Anyone sharing previously published content may be barred from the Game.

–>Participants accused of plagiarism will be removed from the ArtoonsInn community.

Event Organizers: Watchers of ArtoonsInn

–>Invite your writer/reader friends to be a part of ArtoonsInn.

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