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  1. English Language Only

 This room houses artoons from all over the world. To make everyone feel at home, we encourage the use of the English language when posting. However, you are welcome to engage freely in the language of your choice with other artoons in the comments. 

  1. Play nice

Members in the room are free to express their opinions liberally so long as they do not engage in sensitive topics such as religion, politics, etc.
Members are requested to be kind, courteous and respect each other’s views, opinions, etc. We shall have zero tolerance towards bullying, disrespecting, and/or hate posts/comments. Such members may be temporarily or permanently banned depending on the seriousness of the matter. 

  1. No Promotions/Self-promotions

No Promotions/Self-promotions unless you are willing to sponsor for any event/activity in the room. Get in touch with the watchers of Room8: [email protected].
You may not share Non-ArtoonsInn Links of any type, or Facebook posts from external pages/groups, blogs, websites, third-party promotions, watch parties, etc. in the room unless you have a valid reason and the explicit permission from a Room Watcher to do so. 

  1. No Fundraising

    You may not post any posts requesting for donations, to raise funds or any other worthy cause unless you have permission from a Room Watcher to do so. Write to:[email protected] 
  2. PMs/DMs

– Members may not add other members to mailing lists, disturb them with unwanted PMs/DMs, etc. whether or not it is based on a post in the room, without express permission of the member in the room. Members who receive such spam can report it to [email protected]

– Avoid PMing/DMing the Room Watchers with questions on deleted posts/comments, muted members or similar activities carried out by Room Watchers – all those actions are carried out if group rules have been broken and at the discretion of the admins/moderators.

– Avoid PMing/DMing Room Watchers for promotions, ads, event queries, favours, room-related issues/queries, proof-reading your submissions, beta reading your submissions and corrections in submissions after they have been emailed. You may write to [email protected] for any of the above-mentioned issues/queries and assistance.

– Reviews on writings are encouraged during the events. However, artoons/participants/members may not contact Eyes/Wings club members personally for an official review.

6. Give credits

Make sure to give proper acknowledgments if your pieces are inspired, borrowed or you are using it to present it under your name in any way. Any member accused of plagiarism, shall be banned from the room. 

  1. Stick to the point

Avoid sharing unrelated comments on event entries and announcements. Such comments/comment threads will be deleted.  

  1. Post right

– Posts will be scrutinized by the Room Watchers before approving them to the room. Any insensitive or demeaning post, meme and/or picture will be deleted. Content that includes Erotica, Suicide and Gore are an absolute No No. If you are unsure about what you can and cannot share, send an email to [email protected] first. 
(Posts with “Please delete if inappropriate” is not an exclusion for this rule.) 

  1. Peace out!

Issues between members in the room are to be settled among themselves and the Room Watchers shall not be called upon to act as middlemen in issues that have been created by members themselves. 

10. Writing Events, Guest submissions and Activities

You can send your submissions from here:

11. Artlets

You could earn money writing at ArtoonsInn. Send your top-quality writings that are not published elsewhere as Guest submissions to [email protected]. If your writing is selected by the Room8 watchers, you’ll receive more details. Please note that we take exclusive writings only in this category. Writings below 1000 words do not qualify. 

12. Watchers Note

The Room is being built with serious dedication to bring writers together under one roof. The following actions will be considered as a breach of morals & standards, misuse of the room and its purpose, and may lead to those member/s involved and their supporters being banned permanently from ArtoonsInn without any notice. 

– Forming your own private/public groups/chats on any platform with members acquainted with Room8 of ArtoonsInn for reasons including but not exclusive to creating groups with the same motive, drive and models of activities/events/contests as those in this room. 

– Completely ignoring or failing to respond to reviews/comments on your event/guest entry posts. 

– Completely ignoring the ArtoonsInn Rulfy Policy i.e, Zero Rulfy Stats.
Check out the Rulfy policy of ArtoonsInn here:

13. Stay Unique. Don’t copy!

All models, names, styles, terms & titles, personalization and customization of ArtoonsInn and all its affiliated rooms including Room8 have been built with the untiring efforts of Watchers with sincere dedication, and have been copyrighted. You may not copy any or part of any concept of the room, without the express written permission of the Room Watchers. Any member proven to have involved in this may face legal consequences and any member found to have supported such an initiative may be banned from ArtoonsInn.

14. Keep it lively

Enjoy your stay in the Inn.


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