Write a 500 words story with only dialogues (No Tell, got it?) which include the following words/phrases: Firmament, Wabbit, Machete, Quid pro quo, and Aura. The words can be used in any order and forms (singular, plural, various parts of speech).

Keep this in mind :

  1. No means No, No narration. This means no narrative devices which masquerade as dialogues. No internal monologues, no fourth wall breaking etc.
  2. Yes, Dialogue tags are allowed. But, don’t overdo it. Ex:

Allowed: “I’m different, and I’m happy,” Calvin said

Not Allowed: “Hi, Richard,” she said, and spit out a mouthful of toothpaste. She was wearing cut-off jeans that had bizarre, frantic designs drawn on them in Magic Marker and a spandex top which revealed her intensely aerobicized midriff


  1. Yes, You can write dialogues under character names (Aka Screenplay style)


Five00-12 Event Rules and Guidelines

  1. Word limit: Minimum 480 and maximum 500 words.
    –>Please note that Endnotes/footnotes in entries will be excluded from Word count only when they stand independent of the story and act as a reference.
    Examples for Endnotes that will NOT be included in word count:
    Glossary, Credits, Reference links.
    Examples for Endnotes that WILL be included in word count:
    Epilogue, Author Notes (If the story depends on it for clarification), PostScript
  2. 1 entry per Writer. No previously published writings. 
  3. You are expected to post your entries on the ArtoonsInn Writers Room website | Sign up on the website in case you haven’t already, to submit your writing. Ensure you check relevant categories (Genre/Theme) that your story is most relevant to while submitting. Last date to post on website: 15th July 11.59PM.
  4. Upload a non-copyrighted cover picture along with your writing (Refer Make sure to add photographer credits at the bottom of your writing.
  5. Share the link to your story, once it is approved on the website, in the ArtoonsInn Writers Room Facebook group with your post description and hashtags #ArtoonsInnWritersRoom #MoreShowNoTell #Five00-12.
  6. Last date to post on Facebook group: 19th July 11.59PM. Entries submitted after the deadline will be considered as Guest entries. Winner/s will be announced on Recognition Day, 31st July 2021 on
  7. 50% Review status is mandatory.
  8. Take care of your Mental Health as much as you do of your Physical Health.
  9. Enjoy writing/reading Five00-12!

Follow ArtoonsInn Rulfy for reviews.

Disclaimer: Your stories may be subjected to receive serious criticism.

  • It is suggested that if you wish to see honest reviewson your story, you write honest reviews for other participants as well. ArtoonsInn encourages participants who support, encourage, and communicate with others in a diplomatic manner.
  • Stories written prior to the event or works previously published on any online or offline platforms are neither considered competing nor encouraged.
  • Participants found guilty of plagiarism will be removed from ArtoonsInn.


Prompt by Sarves and Shankar
Event Organizers: Shankar, RN, Mallika and Sarves

Photo by Cruz Martinez on Unsplash


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