Call for Submissions – Hawk’s Return Anthology

Call for Submissions: “Hawk’s Return” Anthology


Greetings Writers and Storytellers!

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming anthology, “Hawk’s Return,” the latest addition to our acclaimed series. Following the success of “Hawk’s Nest” and “Hawk’s Flight,” we are excited to invite you to contribute your unique voices to this collection of captivating short stories.


“Hawk’s Return” explores the diverse facets of returning — whether it’s a physical journey, an emotional transformation, a rediscovery of roots, or a venture into the realms of the unknown. We are seeking eight stories that resonate with the theme of return in all its forms, providing readers with a rich tapestry of narratives.

What do we mean by diverse facets of Returning?

The concept of “diverse facets of Returning” in the context of “Hawk’s Return” encompasses a wide range of interpretations and narrative possibilities. Here are various ways in which the theme of “return” can be explored within the anthology:

  1. Homecoming Tales: Characters returning home after a long journey or significant event, whether in a physical sense or a return to a sense of self.
  2. Time Travel Twist: Incorporating time travel elements where characters return to different eras, facing challenges or making unique discoveries specific to those time periods.
  3. Metaphorical Returns: Interpreting “return” in a broader sense, such as characters returning to a state of mind, rediscovering lost passions, or finding themselves after a period of confusion.
  4. Unexpected Returns: Crafting stories where the return is unexpected or takes an unusual form, potentially involving supernatural elements, alternate dimensions, or futuristic scenarios.
  5. Cultural Returns: Exploring characters returning to their cultural roots, traditions, or heritage, showcasing the richness of diverse backgrounds.
  6. Emotional Returns: Focusing on the emotional aspect of returning, delving into feelings of nostalgia, joy, sorrow, or personal growth.
  7. Journey of Self-Discovery: Framing stories as a journey of self-discovery where characters return to find themselves or redefine their identity.
  8. Environmental Returns: Considering stories where characters return to a changed environment, be it in terms of nature or society, and exploring the impact on their lives.
  9. Parallel Worlds: Experimenting with the idea of characters returning to parallel worlds or alternate realities, showcasing the consequences of their choices.
  10. Epic Adventures: Crafting epic adventures where characters embark on quests, facing trials and tribulations, only to return home transformed.
  11. Historical Returns: Setting some stories in historical contexts where characters return to specific historical events, providing a unique perspective.
  12. Futuristic Returns: Exploring futuristic scenarios where characters return to a world transformed by technology, AI, or societal changes.

The anthology aims to embrace the richness of storytelling by inviting writers to interpret and contribute to the theme of “return” in diverse and imaginative ways. The common thread connecting these varied facets ensures a cohesive and captivating reading experience for “Hawk’s Return.”

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Word Count: Stories should be between 2000 and 2500 words.

Note: Following the selection of the top 8 submissions, writers will have an opportunity for a rewrite. However, it is essential to emphasize that this does not imply writers can submit incomplete stories. All submissions must meet the required standards and be fully developed even if a rewrite is later permitted. Incomplete submissions may result in disqualification from the selection process.

  1. Genre: Writers are welcome to submit stories in a variety of genres, including fantasy, drama, science fiction, historical fiction, romance, mystery, etc., as long as they align with the theme. However, we kindly request writers to exercise discretion in their narrative approaches, avoiding overtly sexual content and detailed gore. We encourage creativity and diversity within the specified genres while maintaining a balance that ensures broad reader engagement.
  2. Originality: We encourage unique perspectives and creative interpretations of the theme. The submission should not have appeared elsewhere before, in any form, in a blogspace or print or even a Facebook post!
  3. Submission Deadline: 29th February 2024
  4. Submission Format: Please submit your stories in Standard Manuscript Format as a Word document or PDF.
  5. Multiple Submissions: Multiple submissions are strictly prohibited. Writers are advised to submit only their best story on the given theme. Any attempt to submit more than one story may result in disqualification of all the submitted stories. Please adhere to this policy for a fair and competitive selection process.

Publishing Rights: We ask for exclusive first worldwide rights for two years and non-exclusive rights thereafter.
Exclusive First Worldwide Rights: If a story is selected for inclusion in the anthology, the Room 9 publications is requesting the exclusive right to be the first to publish and distribute the chosen work worldwide. During this exclusive period, the author agrees not to allow any other publication, online or offline, to showcase the same story. The exclusivity is for a duration of two years from the time of initial publication.

Non-Exclusive Rights Thereafter: After the initial two-year exclusive period, the rights become non-exclusive. This allows the author more flexibility with their work. While Room 9 publications retains the right to continue publishing and distributing the story, the author is also free to explore other opportunities with the same piece. The author may choose to publish it elsewhere or include it in a collection of their own works, for example.

Submission Process:

Email your submissions to [email protected] with the subject line: “Hawk’s Return Submission: [Your Story Title].” Include a brief author bio in the body of the email.


Selected stories will not only be featured in the anthology but also receive a copy of “Hawk’s Return,” a certificate of participation, and the opportunity for additional exposure through our promotional channels.

Publication Formats:

“Hawk’s Return” will be available both as a paperback and an e-book, distributed by Room9 Publications.

About the Anthology Series:

“Hawk’s Nest” and “Hawk’s Flight” showcased incredible talent and garnered acclaim from all our readers. “Hawk’s Return” promises to continue this tradition of excellence, pushing the boundaries of storytelling.

Join us in creating a literary journey that captivates, inspires, and leaves a lasting imprint on the hearts of readers. We look forward to reading your stories and embarking on the “Hawk’s Return” adventure together!

Happy writing!

Writers Room, ArtoonsInn

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