ArttrA 2

ArttrA-2 | #PassTheBaton

1. How is it done?

In two phases. Phase 1 and Phase 2.

2. What’s Phase 1?

Each Claws Club member writes a story that ends with a cliffhanger.

The writers of phase 1 have to make sure that the story is open-ended for a follow-up writer to take charge. It’s better if the story is open to multiple interpretations. The writer is expected to pen down the opening act to a story of any genre of their choice with no restriction whatsoever.

Word Count: 250-350 words.
All six of these entries will be kept anonymous until the deadline for phase 2 writers to pick their stories is met. Kindly stay anonymous until the deadline is met.

3. What’s Phase 2?

Stories from Phase 1 will be shared in the Writers and Readers’ room of ArtoonsInn on or before 5th May 2019. Once these stories are published, Artoons wishing to take part in phase 2, can pick any of these 5 stories and register for the event.

4. How to register?

Send an email with the story’s hashtag mentioned to [email protected] with the subject “My choice for ArttrA-2“.
-Deadline for registering for the event: 12th May 2019, 23:59 IST.
-Any entry that is not registered before the deadline will be considered as a guest entry. Guest entries will not be shared in the Writers and Readers’ Room of ArtoonsInn but on ArtoonsInn’s Facebook page.


How to write?

Artoons pick any one of the stories from phase 1 and continue the story from that point onwards. The writers of Phase 2 have to make sure that their continuation sticks to the opening act(phase 1) and are advised not to nullify the opening act by a narrative device to write their own independent story. The writers are expected to stick to the narrative and stylistic tones of the original act/writer.

Example on what not to do: Starting your story with ‘Then he/she woke up.’

The writers are expected to use the entirety of the Phase 1 write-up as the first act of their story. Writers are advised to abstain from non-linear execution or breaking up the first write-up.

-Word limit: 1000-1800 words. (Excluding Phase 1 word count)

-Submit the complete version (Phase1+Phase2) to [email protected] with the subject ‘Entry for Arttra-2, Pass the Baton’ along with an appropriate title for the story and with a non-copyrighted cover image (preferably) from with the photographer credits.

Entries are expected in Prose-style with coherent Short Story diction. Ballads/Narrative poems will be considered as guest entries.

If this is your debut entry for an open event at ArtoonsInn, please send a bio of yourself within 2-3 lines along with your entry (The best debut entry will be picked and honoured on Recognition Day).

Only one entry per person. The first entry will be considered as the final entry eligible for winning.

-No plagiarism.

-Deadline for Phase 2 submissions: 20th May 2019, 23:59 IST.

Who can participate in Phase 2?

1. This event is open to only humans from planet Earth and Mars, Aliens from LHS 1140b. Members from the Earth’s Moon are not eligible for no reason and are requested to refrain from participating. Participation cards shall be awarded to all the eligible(registered) entries, however, only artoons (the members of ArtoonsInn’s Nest) are considered competing.

An Artoon is a member of the Nest/Hall of ArtoonsInn. Check whether you’re a member of the nest here:
Members who are not part of the Nest shall receive a Participation card to become part of the Nest from June 2019.

Become an Artoon:



Read and review the stories of the participants who have reviewed your story.
Rulfying involves two terms. Giving and Returning.
-If you are giving a review/comment add a hashtag #rulfy at the end of your review/comment.
-When you are returning a review/comment to the giver, add hashtag #rulfied at the end of your review/comment.
-Rulfying deadline will be announced in the Writers and Readers’ Room | ArtoonsInn on 21st May 2019.
Rulfy stats will be taken into consideration when deciding the winner.
-Use and update the rulfy tracker here to keep track of your rulfy status:
~Click on the link below to find your name in the first row(on top). If your name isn’t updated, tap on the next empty cell to add your name. Now in your respective column, add ‘R’s for the stories you have read, reviewed and rated.!ApiLwn00sMcLgXQ1QE-1l4tIL_Q6


6. Judgement:

Winners will be decided by the ratings(0-10) of:

1. Phase 1 Writers (Claws Club members)
2. Watchers
3. Eyes Club
4. Wings Club
5. Readers

Winner will be announced on Recognition Day, 31st May 2019.



Phase 1:
-6 stories written by Claws Club members will be shared in the Writers and Readers’ Room of ArtoonsInn.
-Each story has 250-350 words.

Phase 2:
– Writers pick any one of the 6 stories and inform us about their pick through email before 12th May 2019.

– Writers continue the story they picked in 1000-1800 words.

– Writers submit their stories on or before 20th May 2019 to [email protected].

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