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Eyes Club: Eyes Club members are reviewers at ArtoonsInn Writers Room invited by the Watchers of ArtoonsInn based on their reviewing skills.

Eyes Club is part of the Hawks of ArtoonsInn, a systematically designed framework for artists/writers to learn, share, and grow at ArtoonsInn.

1. What basic criteria should be met to be a part of the club?

  • Member must be aware of Rulfy Policy at ArtoonsInn and what it signifies.
  • Member must be an active reviewer in the Writers Room.
  • Member must be honest, non-offensive, and offer constructive criticism with their reviews.

2. What do I do when I am part of the Eyes club?

For writing events at Writers Room, Watchers expect you to share your reviews on as many entries as you can. Add the hashtag #EyesInTheRoom at the end of your review.

3. Can I volunteer to be part of the Eyes Club?

Of course, you can. Do write to [email protected] with your interest and the Watchers of the room will observe your reviews. If selected, watchers will send you an invitation to join the Club.

4. Can I exit the Eyes Club?

ArtoonsInn expects nothing more than the Club members continuing to share their knowledge through their reviews. However, if a member is uncomfortable being part of the Club, they can write a formal email to [email protected] and watchers will remove your name from the Club.

5. Do I have any privileges for being a member of the Eyes Club?

Watchers do appreciate reviewers with surprise tokens of appreciation from time to time. Along with that, you will be entitled to..
Free HoA membership. (Complete HoA is yet to go live.)
Discounts at The Geeks Room.
Discounts on Books published by ArtoonsInn Room9 Publications.
Discounts at ‘The Archaic House’ near ArtoonsInn. (Under construction)
Discounts in any Book or Brand promotions on ArtoonsInn websites.
More to be added.

Yes, just by sharing reviews, knowledge as an Eyes Club member at ArtoonsInn Writers Room, you will be entitled to all the above. You may claim your discounts by contacting Writers Room watchers and they shall arrange the discount coupons for you.

6. What do I do if I have a query?

Writers Room watchers are an email away. Write to [email protected].

7. Am I excluded from participating in writing events in the room if I am part of the club?

Absolutely not. You are more than welcome to participate in any writing event at ArtoonsInn.

8. Can you tell me more about Hawks of ArtoonsInn?

Updating soon.

9. Who are the current Eyes Club Members?

Yet to be updated.

10. I was an Eyes Club Member in 2019. Am I still part of the club?

Please continue sharing your reviews and await the invitation from the Watchers to rejoin the club.



-ArtoonsInn reserves the right to withdraw the membership of an individual for whatsoever the reason.

Inactive members/reviewers will be removed from the Club without any prior notice.

The Club Criteria is subjected to changes at any given time and the members will be notified of it by email when there is an update.

-ArtoonsInn.com terms and conditions apply.