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    Thimma, The Great.

    It would be imprudent to write off small-town thieves. Their job was difficult. Everyone knows everyone in these towns, and if you did steal, you...3 min

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    the lady in waiting

    The lady in waiting 1645 C.E I woke up by the sunlight swimming in a single conical beam through the hole in the wooden roof....3 min

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    Dream Holiday

    “That was a great news, what a pleasant surprise!” “But what  has happened to Kevin?” I wondered. “After five years of our marriage he is...3 min

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    Reality Check

    “Welcome to Colosseum, the big daddy of all reality shows, where the show goes on, no matter what,” declares the host with flair.  “Here’s a...3 min

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    The Trip

    Day 1 Finally! I had made it after all. I congratulated myself as I lugged my suitcase into the cabin. It was surrounded by thick...3 min

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    Introspective Solitude

    Hey friends, my endeavour to understand the games mind play when a woman is wronged. Do read, however I have no intention of hurting anyone’s...3 min

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