Artoons BookSwapInn

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What to do?
-Register yourself to be part of this Artoons BookSwapInn 2020 at ArtoonsInn Writers Room using the form below.
-Once you are registered, your name will be added to the list of Registered Artoons below the Signup form.
-Once your name is added, other Artoons can request your address to send books to you. You can request the address too by adding the name of the Artoon you wish to send the book(s) to either in the form or by writing to [email protected]. If the Artoon you wish to send books to is registered and we have their address, we will email that address to you.
-Once you have the address, pick your book and write a note on the front page along with the hashtag #ArtoonsBookSwapInn, and send the book to the provided address.
-Due to affairs of lockdown, you are exempted from sending ONLY one of your pre-loved books. This year, on #ArtoonsBookSwapInn, you may order books online as well.
-If you require door pick up and door delivery, you may write to [email protected]This service is exclusive only to registered members of Artoons BookSwapInn.
-If you are planning to send books from ArtoonsInn’s Room9 to your fellow-artoons |, use the coupon code BOOKSWAPINN to get a discount.
-Member registering or the member you wish to send books to must have been a member of ArtoonsInn Writers Room for at least 30 days to be part of this.

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  1. Mithru Rachamalla
  2. Husna Thaslim
  3. Rianka Bose Saha
  4. Zainab MM
  5. Sonali Ray
  6. Sreeparna Sen
  7. Nitika Sawhney
  8. Mumtaz N Khorakiwala
  9. Srivalli Rekha
  10. Kirti V


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