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ArttrA is a game played at ArtoonsInn in one or many forms. Minders of ArttrA are the honorary members who have been chosen to set the game on motion and so they have some control over how their team and the game unfolds. Watchers of ArtoonsInn (the Hosts of the game) expect Minders to follow basic guidelines to keep the game productive and lively. If you are invited to be a Minder of the game, kindly follow the guidelines listed below.

  1. Selected minders shall be sent an official invitation by the Watchers of ArtoonsInn to which they are expected to write back with their confirmation and availability throughout the duration of the event to co-ordinate and take the event forward.
  2. A Minder is expected to be well-aware of the rules & regulations and the organization of the game, and understand the procedure of the game thoroughly. The Watchers are always an email away, ready to help and clarify any doubts.

Writers Room Contact: [email protected]

3. ArtoonsInn expects a fair play and to make it just, a set of rules are imposed on the teams, especially while forming teams.

The selection of team members is done in several rounds with the Minders sending one invitation each per round. Once each Minder gets their first team member, together they proceed to the second round of invitations.

A minder is expected to send an official invitation by e-mail(Template provided by ArtoonsInn Watchers) to reach out to their invitee, along with the guidelines to the event.
Email addresses of the invitees will be provided by the Watchers of ArtoonsInn (provided the member is already associated with Room8 of ArtoonsInn). When the invitee responds with his/her confirmation, it is the responsibility of the minder to ensure that the member/s understand/s the procedure of the game.

– All team members must be members of Writers and Readers’ Room | ArtoonsInn. If they are not, do invite them to join the room.
– Each team must have at least one member who hasn’t participated in previous ArttrA games.

4. Once the team is set, the Minder has to discuss with the team members and pick a unique team title for their team and write to the Watchers with the list of members and their team title.

5. Minders shall now schedule a team discussion(in a group chat created on Facebook by ArtoonsInn Watchers) to discuss prompts. Each team is expected to come up with at least three prompts (excluding picture prompts) that are appropriate, comprehensible for all kinds of writers and global to all genres, for a short-story writing, and email it to the Watchers.

NOTE: Watchers retain the right to select and finalize a prompt out of the prompts provided by a team.

6. Minders are responsible for their whole team. It is up to the Minder to keep the environment healthy, to suppress arguments, unhealthy debates, offensive statements or any sort of misunderstanding that may occur within their team. Minders have to make sure they converse harmoniously with their team members and not be the cause of any unhealthy environment within their own team.

7. The prompt for each team shall be sent to the respective Minders. The Minders have to make sure each member of his/her team receives and understands the prompt.

8. The minders shall now choose the judges of the game. All Minders will be connected and they can mutually decide and choose the judges. However, judges may not be participants in the event.

Note: Watchers of ArtoonsInn may add additional judges to the game if required.

9. Minders make sure that all members of his/her team read, rate and review all stories by the other teams before the rulfy deadline.

10. Should their team fail to win, the minder makes sure that members from his/her team funds for the gifts(if applicable) to the winning team and the panel of judges(if applicable).

11. If a minder or a team member has any cause to leave the team prior to completion of the game but after the acceptance of the invitation, the minder/team member is responsible for filling his spot by replacing it with another member.

Important: In case of any dispute within or outside the team, Watchers hold all rights to replace a minder or a team member themselves.


Tradition has it that minders of ArttrA bring creative and unique approaches in introducing their team members and their stories.
As such, we look forward eagerly to the Minders of ArttrA-5 bringing in something novel to the Writers Room along with their team to entertain the members of the room throughout the game.

ArtoonsInn wishes you a fun-filled ArttrA. Bring on the Game.


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