Fundamental Rights of Artoons

1. Right to Criticism (#RtoC)
2. Right to Reject Criticism (#RtoRC)

#RtoC can be used by both writers and readers/reviewers. Artoons are encouraged to use their rights whenever they feel necessary. ArtoonsInn Watchers expect artoons to settle #RtoC with an #RtoRC if they are not in agreement with the critic/criticism.

Situation 1:

Person A’s review on Person B’s story: “This story doesn’t scrape the bottom of the barrel. This story isn’t the bottom of the barrel. This story isn’t below the bottom of the barrel. This story doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as barrels. This is an insult to storytelling. #RtoC

Person B’s response, if he/she is not in agreement with the review by Person A: “Thank you for reading and sharing your valuable review, but I am afraid I am not in agreement with it. #RtoRC


Updated 15/07/2020: Reviews or Responses to reviews that watchers find offensive in any manner, disturbing the community’s harmony, with or without complaints received, may be removed from the comment thread regardless of who the person is, without any prior notice. Members are encouraged to report such comments for watchers to notice. 

3. Avoid Criticism:

We understand sometimes some Artoons may prefer to showcase their arts/works and not receive any criticism. For such situations, we encourage Artoons to use the hashtag #NoCriticism along with a Green Heart

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