Her | One Day Writing Event


Can you imagine a world without women? The absence of women and what their absence would feel?
Alright, imagine then.
And write a story within 250- 300 words and send it to us. Let’s commemorate the importance of women this women’s day.

(Rules)For writers/artoons:

  1. Word Limit: 250-300 words. No plagiarism. STRICTLY no previously published entries.
  2. No. of entries per person: One! So send us your BEST! Please note that the first entry you send will be considered as the (final) competing entry.
  3. How and where to send:  E-Mail your entries to us at [email protected] (Don’t fail to mention ‘#Her entry’ in the subject.)
  4. Submissions end at 6 pm IST, 7th March.
  5. Return a review for a review, a rating for a rating and a comment for a comment. Add the hashtag #Rulfy while returning. Use the rulfy tracker below to update each time you rulfy or review someone’s story.
  6. Winner will be announced on 10th March.
  7. Entries will be shared by the writers themselves in the Writers and Readers’ Room | ArtoonsInn. The writer will be notified via email regarding their time slot.  (The time slot schedule will be updated with each new entry here: https://1drv.ms/x/s!ApiLwn00sMcLgQOZWjJrWHnxYYf1 )
  8. Wings Club members, Eyes Club members and readers’ reviews and ratings(1-10) are taken into consideration while choosing the winner.
  9. Two winners will be picked and a popular book in the market be delivered to their address.
  10. Disclaimer: By sending/e-mailing your story to [email protected] you are allowing us to share your story on our website www.artoonsinn.com accepting the ArtoonsInn website policies.

For Readers:

  1. Entries will be shared in the Writers and Readers’ Room of ArtoonsInn on first in first out order by the writers themselves.
  2. Do encourage the writers by sharing your reviews in the comments even if it is a one word comment.
  3. Rate the writings on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best.

Event Sponsored and Organized by the Watchers of ArtoonsInn.
Co-sponsored by BandCamera Movies
Watch BandCamera’s new short film here: https://youtu.be/1njfSAxYEwg

Event prompt by Shankar Hosagoudar
Event hosts: Husna Thaslim, Mithru Rachamalla,  Pallavi Suri, Piya Gajbe and Shankar Hosagoudar

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