Note for the Writers Room Beginners

Here are some key points for members who are just getting started and have publishing goals:

  1. Write consistently: Keep participating in the events. Start with Smuse(up to 50 words), a very short story writing activity at Writers Loop. When you are getting good at it, try Five00, a 500-word writing event followed by UniK, a 1000-word writing event, and then Artales, a 2500-3000 words writing event. Give at least an hour of your day to be consistent. Don’t worry too much about pleasing others or meeting market demands. Instead, write for yourself and what inspires you.
  2. Read Regularly: Read widely in your genre or area of interest to understand what works and what doesn’t. Find and read more stories in the genre you are interested in. The stories are categorized on the website for easy browsing.
  3. Learn from others: Learn from your fellow writers and request reviews.
  4. Set realistic goals: As you get better at writing, set a goal to get invited to be a part of the ArtoonsInn’s  Honorary Club for writers, the Claws Club. Further, aim to get published in one of the anthologies published by Writers Loop via ArtoonsInn Room9 Publications or The Archaic House of ArtoonsInn.
  5. Research the publishing industry: Research the publishing industry to understand the different options for publishing, including traditional publishing, self-publishing, and hybrid publishing.
  6. Build a network: It is important for a writer with publishing goals to build a network of followers/subscribers. Start building your author profile by creating a website or social media presence to connect with readers and other writers around the world. Focus on building an email list to notify your writing activity. We believe that for writers with serious publishing goals, building an email list is as important as writing read-worthy stories. The publishers always love and prioritize writers who have a network.
  7. Be patient and persistent: The publishing process can take time and require persistence, so be prepared for rejections and keep submitting your work.
  8. Keep learning: Continue to learn and develop your writing skills by following all writing-related activities by the members of Writers Loop.
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