ArttrA | A Game at ArtoonsInn

ArttrA – A Game at ArtoonsInn

1. What is ArttrA?

ArttrA is a game played in one or many forms at ArtoonsInn. The game is hosted by the watchers of ArtoonsInn.

2. What were the previous ArttrAs?

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3. What is ArttrA-5?

ArttrA-5 is a game between 4 writing teams. Each team shall have a co-ordinator known as the Minder. Minders will be sent a separate Minders guide through e-mail.

Basically, this is what happens:

  • If and when Minders are selected and are ready to start the game, they shall send an invitation to any writer of their choice at ArtoonsInn to join his/her team.
  • The person who received the invitation may join his/her team. Should he/she accept, the team is now 2 members strong (Minder+Invitee 1). These 2 members shall now discuss among themselves and invite a 3rd member to their team.
  • The process continues until all the teams get the Watchers-mentioned number of team members each. Each invitation will take place parallelly – with all 4 teams inviting and growing simultaneously.

6. So, 4 teams are formed now. What next?

Next, the Minders along with their team members come up with a striking team title for their team and the Minders inform the Watchers of their team members along with their team title. Watchers provide temporary Chat boxes on Facebook for each space where the teams can have their discussions. The teams shall now come up with 3 prompts each which are global to all genres of writing and send them to the Watchers. Watchers pick the best 4 out of all the prompts received and assign one each to a team.

8. What next? Just write for the prompt, right?

All teams write their individual stories for the prompt the team has received and the usual procedure happens – sharing in room8, reading, rating, rulfying.. same old, same old.

9. How is the winner picked?

The winning team will be picked by adding the individual scores given by the judges for each team member’s writing in a particular team. Which means, the team with the highest score is placed the winner.

10. Great. When do we start?

As soon as the minders are announced! Stay on your toes and wait for the invitation!

11. What if I am not invited but still want to write for a particular prompt?

Who’s stopping you? Write away! Guest entries are always welcome at any event.

Note: Any member found guilty of plagiarism, offending someone, stalking someone on their team, creating an unhealthy environment, creating unnecessary debates, disrespecting Minders, disrespecting Watchers of ArtoonsInn, disrespecting ArtoonsInn may be removed from the ArtoonsInn community without any prior notice.

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