Artale Legends 2 | Writing Event | Vantage Point

Write an epic saga which has three stories of 3 different people/s who lead lives differently. At one point in their lives, their paths cross (vantage point) due to some incident which brings about a mammoth change in their lives.

Event Rules:

  1. Minimum 3000 and maximum 5000 words.
  2. No previously published writings. No plagiarism.
  3. The stories of the three different people must be of 3 different genres.
  4. 1 entry per person. Only Word documents are considered. Email your entry to [email protected] with the subject “#ArtaleLegends-2 entry”. Entries submitted after the deadline will be considered as guest entries.
  5. Submissions close on 26th January 23:59. Winner announcement on 30th January 6 PM IST.

NOTE: This event is exclusive for only the Claws Club members of ArtoonsInn. Entries from non-club members will be considered as guest entries.

–>The most active member and the best reviewer in the writers’ and readers’ room throughout the event would be featured ‘Artoon of the month’ and ‘Reviewer of the month’ respectively by the end of the event.

–>It is suggested that if you wish to see honest reviews on your story, write your honest reviews for others as well. Our community encourages participants who support and encourage others.

–>Stories written prior to the event or previously published works are neither considered for winning nor will be included in the event.
*Anyone sharing previously published content may be barred from the next month’s event*.

–>Participants accused of plagiarism will be removed from the ArtoonsInn community.

Prompt by: ArtoonsInn
Event Organizers: Husna Thaslim, Mithru Rachamalla, Shankar Hosagoudar and Srivalli Rekha

Disclaimer: By sending your story you are allowing us to share your story on our website accepting the ArtoonsInn website policies.

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