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ArttrA is an event aimed at bringing together writers who can work together and improve their writing skills through collaboration and mutual encouragement. 


The teams for ArttrA would be created in 9 groups of 4 artoons(writers) each. The names of the 2 groups would be provided by ArtoonsInn and the remaining teams can name theirs as they please. Here are the two team names.1. Team Hemingway
2. Team Rowling



1. To make participants of ArttrA take ArttrA seriously, ArtoonsInn decided a registration fee of 75 Rs. After all the 9 teams(36 members) are registered, every team chooses their team representative and team members transfer the registration fee to him/her.2. ArtoonsInn adds an additional Rs. 300 to the Rs. 2700 amount collected, making it a total of Rs. 3000.3. There will be one winner. Winning team gets Rs. 2000 as a prize and the remaining Rs. 1000 will be donated to any of the NGOs or Orphanages or any needy decided by the participants of ArttrA.


A prompt that makes all the team members work individually as well as together will be given. Based on the prompt provided the team members discuss it and write accordingly. Check the Teamwork section below for more details.


 Each team shall nominate a REPRESENTATIVE for their team who would be holding the below responsibilities:
1. He/She shall be responsible for collecting the registration fee from team members and keep them safe till it gets transferred to the winning team’s representative at the end of the event.
2. He/She shall ensure that camaraderie is maintained between the team members, in the absence of which they may report the same to the ArtoonsInn admin/s.
3. He/She shall create a group for the team on any of the messaging platforms (like WhatsApp), his/her team members are comfortable with for regular contact until the end of the event.
4. He/She shall ensure that each of the team members’ ideas is respected. Any kind of disrespect, misbehavior, personal attacks or humiliation would be would be reported to the ArtoonsInn admin/s.
5. He/She shall act as a peacemaker in the event of any kind of conflict within the team. Any deviation shall be reported to the ArtoonsInn admin/s immediately.
6. He/She shall conduct a team talk(TT) every Saturday or Sunday and ensure that timely reviews or feedbacks are provided to the team members so that their story moves in a direction decided unanimously.
7. He/She shall ensure that everyone on the team understands the prompt and helps team members decide which part to be written by individual members and how the story must end taking individual ideas into consideration.
8. He/She regularly updates the team’s score to the team members.


1) The teams discuss the prompt among themselves and write 4 different stories depending on the prompt given and then string them into a single story.
2) The combined story must have a minimum of 8000 words and a maximum of 15,000 words.
3) The story must be completed within 30 days from the date of prompt announcement and sent to [email protected] as a word document.
4) The stories will be posted on our website and the story links will be shared on our Facebook page
5) The editing of the story is the responsibility of the team members. Try to make it grammatical errors free.
6) The teams must create their own cover for their story. In case of any guidance required, please contact the admin/s.
7) The team members not only write stories but also provide reviews for other teams’ stories followed by their personal rating/scores for the story as follows
a) Story quality(0-100 marks).
b) Grammar quality(0-50 marks).
c) Cover picture(0-50 marks).
d) Overall rating (0-5).

8) Every member of every team must write reviews/feedbacks on every team’s story within 10 days from the deadline date. A negative 25 marks will be added to the team’s score in case any team member ignores to share their reviews and scores. Remember ArttrA is all about learning from others. In case, anyone misses or ignores to share their reviews and scores, ArtoonsInn admins fill the score.

9) All the scores will be calculated, and the winners will be decided accordingly. In case of a tie, the prize will be divided among two teams.

Teamwork and communication are the pillars of any project getting successful. It is hoped that all team members will involve themselves actively to get their team to win ArttrA event/s. In case a member is found negligent or unresponsive, the admin/s reserve the right to have them withdrawn from the event and replace them with any other individual. The registration fee, in that case, shall not be returned.

 Prompt for ArttrA-1:

 End of the world.

NASA finally announced the news. An asteroid two times the size of the Earth is going to hit us on September 11, 2018. Unlike in movies, there are no arrangements made to save the human extinction. There is no safe place to hide. There is no reason to be violent anymore. Today is April 14th and everybody has almost 5 months of life remaining.

Discuss the prompt thoroughly with your team members and as an individual write your own piece of the story which could be a character or two in the story and as a team, bring all the pieces together to make one single story.

Each member’s story can be unique, for example, one person writes a story of a family man who’s been working hard to send his daughter to the school but now nothing matters, and another writes a beautiful love story of a couple who have decided to face the final day. All the four stories ought to be combined forming a single story. It is team members’ choice how to bundle them up. They can bring all the characters to a single place and, in the end, they can create a link between each character/characters written by individuals.

NOTE: ArttrA starts when all the 36 members are filled. Share the event news. And, people who wish to register, please message us using the send message button on our Facebook page or email us at [email protected]

And, the ones who are already registered, do turn on the page notifications for ArttrA updates.


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