• Lady Justice

    Palamalai, an idyllic village in Coimbatore province, was the first Panchayat to get conditional autonomy during the British rule. A clandestine meeting with the Chief...3 min

  • Mr. X

      One chilly evening of November, at Bangalore; inside the Bangalore-Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express: M: Aahh…home, sweet home! A: Did you notice how the people were...3 min

  • The Redemption

      “I could never love a man who fits in a standard. I crave spontaneity and adventure in love not the boredom of a stable...3 min


      “Ma, I am tired with Kajal. Its been 8 months since that incident yet she is absolutely not ready to come off her depression....3 min

  • For Heaven’s Sake

    The dilapidated three storied building was abuzz with activity and commotion. The air was replete with volatility of sorts and the three men sat on...3 min

  • Panchali Mandala

    @ChaiPoint-Koramangala-Bengaluru-17Jul2019-6:15a.m. An anonymous person, while having chai, read one of the headlines of Deccan Herald. “A 32-years old woman reported missing earlier this week was...3 min


    Rana Tarak stared at the reflection in the mirror. Although already 22, he was feeling like a 16-year-old teenager. After all, it was his first...4 min

  • The Last Flight

    Eileen Wong and Bert Wu exhausted after their month long trip in South East Asia, crashed on the airport lounge seats. They dumped their carry...3 min

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