“I am glad that you went for the dinner. Let bygones be bygones,” said my Mother.

My husband assured me, “this was the first and last time we went for the dinner. Why disrespect the honor given to us?”

“What honor you are talking about? After listening to everything, you still feel we should go?” I cried.

It was a long time back but feels as if happened last night. I cleared my 10th board and went to my aunt’s place for a short stay. It was the first time, I went all alone. My aunt and uncle were the classy, sophisticated, intellectual couple of their times. I respected them a lot. We used to talk and go for walks along with their son who was of my age. Everything was discussed, from boyfriends to carrier.

We were strolling in the garden, when, M ( my uncle) said, “did you kiss your boyfriend.”

“We just met once,” I blushed.

“Do you feel like kissing him?” asked curious, M.

“AAA! I don’t know. I don’t know how to kiss.” I hurried towards the door and went inside the house.

“Hahaha!” chuckled my aunt.

I wanted to avoid the topic, as M was my uncle and what if he shared everything with my father. “Dad would kill me.”

My aunt was a religious lady, and just like any other morning, she went to the temple. Suddenly, I felt something warm on my breast. Before I could make sense of anything, I felt something wet on my lips. M was squeezing my chest and continued to kiss me. I tried to push him, but he was on top of me. The bell rang, and he hurried towards the door.

My aunt opened the door to check on me. I hid my face in the comforter and gave a silent cry. “Get up, A!” said my aunt, “girls shouldn’t sleep for long.”

After two days, I called my cousins and asked them to take me from here. I was scared, but I knew that my family was with me.

“Don’t do anything. We have given our daughter in that family. Who will take care of her,” said my distressed grandmother.

“Yeah! We also don’t know who provoked whom? ” said my brothers.

“Why didn’t you call right away? Wanting more?” taunted my brothers’ wives.

Amidst, all the family members, I was standing as a culprit, not even as a victim.

“Why!! Why my mom failed to be a protective mother?”

“When I showed the courage and said everything, then why she couldn’t take charge of the situation?”

My father was a heart patient, and his condition saved him from everything.

After years, in the middle of the night, I felt something warm under my t-shirt. This time it was my husband. M robbed the essence of love long back, and my husband along with my family didn’t try to heal the wound.

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Annu Anand

Three P's sum up Annu Anand’s life. She is a passionate storyteller, a poetess by heart, and a person in the making.
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