And, she finally breathed her last.

It had been a long tussle. She couldn’t continue with it anymore. In fact, she was now beaten and attacked at every step. For how long could she sustain the bruises?

It had been different when she had befriended Rosy. She had entered her life when she needed her the most. The more Rosy listened to her, the more she was able to control her. Soon she was ruling her actions, behaviour and thoughts.

Rosy had been a victim of emotional abuse in her childhood. When her parents refused to pay attention to her experiences, stories, feelings and comments, she discovered solace in her friend. On her advice she had suffocated herself with bottled up anger, excitement, curiosity. She had also started enjoying self-blame. She felt guilty for everything she did – be it living, breathing or eating. She thus failed to enjoy blessings in her life and remained morose and frustrated.

As Rosy grew up, she appeared to the world as a caged and crazy animal, moody, faltering while speaking or not speaking at all, always nervous and afraid and smiling on her own. People would sneer at her, tease her and make fun of her. She yearned for freedom but her friend restricted her, convincing her that she was doomed.

Years later, Rosy was greeted by an entire new world through the internet. Here too, her friend’s constant nudge had trapped her into the ill-fated, graver pit. However, soon she explored its multi-faceted benefits, and how tactfully she could master it. Frankenstein could be tamed and utilised effectively.

As Rosy unearthed the cathartic effect of writing and reading, she started investing more time in reading stories on the Internet and venting her unexpressed emotions. She imperceptibly realised the venom behind the sugar-coated words of her friend. And, she started educating herself more on self-care and self-love.

Like Manthara in Ramayana, she had triggered jealousy and hatred in Rosy. However, Internet brought her downfall.

“Oh! This technology! Hadn’t it been there I would have confined her in her own shell forever. It had opened new vistas for a nerd, who developed wisdom and self-rewarding introspection. Only if I had known how to destroy it!”

Alas! Rosy got determined to enter into the New Year with a shining armour. No negative energy could stop her. She developed good and healthy habits, carefully distancing herself from her. No doubt, the age-old friendship turned into bitter rivalry. She started counter-attacking her blows with reason and logic. She was winning!

Unable to bear her defeat after so many years of dictatorship, she breathed her last. The greatest condolences were penned down by her darling friend, 

“I can never thank you enough for pushing me towards my destination, my other half! Rest in peace, my once constant companion. You are now tension-free as I can now take care of myself. You need not worry anymore. Bye!”

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Amrita Mallik

She had endlessly suffered as her another self pulled her down, demotivated her and trapped her in a vicious ciree. When she put Internet to good use she became free. Finally she parted ways with her other self.
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