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“Maa , it’s cold out here. I don’t want to go to school today.”

” No, you have to dear. You cannot make everyday a holiday for you.” answered Ria with an angry tone.
And she persuaded her son to leave for school immediately. She had to take him to the nearest bus stop, as her son makes a fuss and keeps pending morning activities for school. So everyday rush and they were always late to catch the bus which usually comes in front of their house.
At the bus stop, Ria was busy tying her son’s shoe laces, when she suddenly felt a bare footed small structure running in front of her.
She murmured “who on earth is without any warm garments
at this terrible weather?”
But the boy was in a hurry and he took a swift turn towards his hut.
And the bus came just before her vision and she had to do her duty.
After sending her son, she hurriedly left to her home to prepare herself for the lecture that she was about to give in her college assembly. But the image of that boy was haunting her and was affecting all her activities.
She convinced herself to be calm and wait for the next chance to meet the boy.
As usual the same morning tantrums and her son was late.
This time she assured herself to caught hold of those small feet.
That day at the bus stop, a cry distracted her from her son’s usual chirping and she found out that the same boy is crying.
“Ah! there he is.” She exclaimed.
Standing there, Ria’s son was making a to do list of some purchasing on muffler, hand gloves, socks and was pouring his listed items into his mother’s ear.
He was complaining and requesting ” Maa, see my hands are cold like ice cream and I want to cover my ears too”.
Ria simply nodded her head as her mind and eyes were on that boy.
She said , “Son, do you know I saw Krishna here.”
He was surprised to hear that.
He said ” Maa, but it was day before yesterday. How you are expecting him here. He must be taking a good nap after his long await in the Janmashtami”.
Ria laughed and gave a hug to him.
She with her mood returned home after dropping her child.
For two days, her son became regular. Ria was happy that she had not to go to the bus stop.
After a good two days, she again had to take out her vehicle. And this time she decided to talk to her “Krishna”.
She was waiting near the bus stop when she saw the same poor chap
with a tall clingy man.
And that man was his father. He was smiling and the small innocent one was sobbing this time.
He was requesting his father to take him in his arms.
Poor soul he was with a cotton shirt, half pant, chappals and a muffler to cover was crying.
Ria called her son and showed him saying, ” look at the boy, do you have anything to say my child!”
Ria and her son nodded at each other. Their was some mischievous thought going on their mind.
Next day was Sunday, both of them went to the spot. They had a bag full of woollen garments and old socks.
Silently Ria, kept the bag near by the gate and came back without disturbing them in the hut.
Next morning, Ria was waiting eagerly with her son near the bus stop.
Both were curious about the Sunday activity done by them.
And there he was!
 Ria’s son whispered, “Maa, see he is wearing the sweater and socks.”
Ria was so happy finding him covered, that she waved towards
 Krishna’s father and told him, ” Thank God , you covered your son properly today.”
The man smiled and replied, ” Mam, don’t know. But I want to meet that invisible person who had kept those garments in front of my door. May God bless that person!”
Ria replied, “oh , that’s really nice to hear”.
Take care of your child.”
That man was so happy that he left without giving any expression to Ria’s word. His eyes were searching someone. That invisible person , whom he wants to meet.
And both of them left to cherish their individual moment.
Ria’s son hugged her.
Photo By: Jon Tang

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