After announcing #Artales15 and #ArtaleLegends, we were expecting some questions from fellow Artoons. And we did get a few queries. So we thought we’d take this opportunity to clear some (if not all) of them.

Why two events? Why this discrimination?

Well, when we discuss that journey you guys are on (or am I the only one who talks about it?), we are aware that some of you are just starting your journey while some others are way, way ahead already. We understand that the former group is somewhat intimidated by the latter and hence the latter group is separated and we call them the Claws club. These five Artoons have mastered the art of storytelling. Now it’s time to pull them away from their comfort zone to explore stories which will help them hone other skills like detailing, world-building, characterization i.e., the minute things which make up a story. This is the reason we have exclusive events for Claws. And we hope that all the Claws club members take these events seriously and participate.

I am feeling that Artales 15 and Artale Legends are actually similar in context. What exactly is the difference?

We, the admins at ArtoonsInn love Analogies. While discussing these two events, we were also discussing it with an analogy. Artales 15 and Artale Legends prompts are quite similar, yes, however, the execution will be different. Consider, Rajamouli and Maniratnam; the former is a great storyteller while the latter is a better director. For Artales 15, we are expecting a Rajamouli-type of treatment, i.e, to tell a wholesome story, while for Legends, we are expecting Maniratnam’s kind of execution. World building is a very important part of Artale Legends. That is why we included the word ‘consequence’ in the Legends’ prompt.

Can I participate in Artale Legends even when I am not a Claws member?

Of course, you can! But, only as a non-competitive contestant. If your story is good, like really, really good, then you shall be awarded a Blue card which will boost your candidature for Claws club membership. However, with Artales 15, you have a chance of actually winning the event.

What exactly is reimagining?

Well, it can be whatever you want. Your imagination is the only constraint here (along with the word limit, of course). You can choose to retell any popular story in any way you want. BUT, be careful on how you do it. If you step over a particular line, the original story loses its identity. At that point, it isn’t reimagination. You know where to draw that line!

What is ‘not’ reimagining?

Mechanical translation of a story to English is NOT reimagining. Setting your standalone story in a world of popular fiction is NOT reimagining. For example, if you decide to set your story in a Wizarding world and you go ahead with telling a story of a character whose life is not impacted by a Harry vs Voldemort/Dumbledore vs Grindelwald or who doesn’t impact these two events, then this is NOT reimagining.

Any tips for Artales 15?

Well, we sure have some tips for you. Let’s start with the most important one; if you are borrowing a character or storyline from a popular fiction, make sure your character and its arc resemble the original characters at least in the primary sense. If there is some change, it should have a plausible subtext. Respect the original story, research about it and understand why it’s celebrated by many, why it clicked with the readers/audience. Then, and only then, will you get your story right.
Last but not least, don’t fear to try something new.

Any tips for Artale Legends?

We are not kidding ourselves. These stalwarts know what they are doing. They don’t need tips, they need claps!

All the best for Artales 15 and Artale Legends!

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