Sagarika is an ambitious girl with great many dreams to fulfill, but she did not know how to materialize them. One of her dream was to help all those who find their life to be difficult and harsh. She herself has struggled a lot to put her part and make it work, so she very well knew the ordeal to reach out a dream that is out of stream. 

Walking all alone on the path so strange and unknown was perilous. Facing new people and new challenges all of a sudden were at times distressing and heart breaking too. But she never gave up. 

On one of her work, she met a young girl, Preeta, who was molested and was totally shattered and broken. She regularly visited her patiently listening her all anger, anguish and pain. After months of patient intervention and encouragement and love and care, Preeta one day said to Sagarika, ‘I want to stand on my feet like you and see the world with a new dimension.’ Elated with such words from Preeta, Sagarika hugged her tightly saying, ‘Foresure, I’ll do everything.’

Next day Sagarika took Preeta to a skill training institute so that she could learn her own skill and be self-employed. Preeta was a very talented young girl, good in embroidery and cloth stitching. The skill training enhanced her talent and helped her to establish her own boutique. 

Today, she is the owner of the renowned ladies boutique in Mumbai with multiple orders all over the country.  Preeta is the successful entrepreneur of the time who fought her battle and made a remarkable position for herself in the society.

Preeta, sitting in the cabin in her office with an anonymous envelop. She opened it and the letter was unique. The letter had newspaper words cut and stick on a paper. The message said, ‘Meet me at chaupatti today, if you want to know the secret of your success.’

Throwing the letter on the floor, she ignored such nuisance and was engaged in doing her work. The air in the room had turned the envelope on the floor. This attracted her attention; she could see a photo there. She took up the envelope and pulled the photo, it was a torn photo and she can see Sagarika only, other half was missing. This arouses her inquisitiveness. ‘Why Sagarika’s image in this envelop?’ Preeta never saw Sagarika after she established her own boutique. She vanished like nothing.

She went to Chaupatti  in the evening and was waiting near the panipuri stall. The crowd was as usual moving, laughing and enjoying but her eyes were searching for the anonymous one. In this rush, in the crowd a woman crashed to her and an envelope was left in her hand. It was written, ‘Your answer.’ 

Looking here and there she could find none. Finally, she opened the envelope and found a photograph of Sagarika in a party with the same man who molested her.


Photo by: Mathilde Guichard


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Varsha Madhulika
Varsha is a nurse by profession who is currently working from home.
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