Hello, I’m Cujo, an Arctic Fox,

The Arctic Tundra is my home.

My soft white fur, my small stature

Makes it easy to catch prey.

You see, hunting is part of my nature.

I love the winter, the snow, the cold

Where I roam about catching voles, lemmings, 

Seal pups and more.

There is nothing like snuggling in my little burrow

Watching the snow pile up, mom feeds us marrow.

But off late mom says the winters are warmer

I don’t know why, 

But my Uncle was spotted 

And killed by a hunter.

Mom said the snow and ice keeps disappearing

Oh! I love winter, how I wish it would keep snowing.

I learnt that we cannot hide as much, when it gets continually warmer

And one day our enemy Red Fox targeted my brother.

His beautiful snowy white fur lay coated in red

While a skulk of Red Foxes devoured him

He was not yet quite dead!

We lay in our burrow

Unable to save him

Winter, don’t go away!

Don’t be so cruel.


Photo By: Jonatan Pie

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