Frosty silence

1 min

How deceptively pink was that one winter chill,

How comfortingly  warm your touch was then.

Now the chill’s set deep within the hearts,

Cold, dismal, distant, a thousand miles apart.

What would it take to melt again? 


Untouched is the ice, by warmth of memories, 

That crimson blush of the first spring rose.

Unmoved, by each sultry summer night,

Or soothing showers of drenched delights.

How irrepairably, it all froze? 


And all the songs of songbirds faded far away, 

Not a chirp was heard,  to rouse each day. 

Even the mellow sunshine of winter afternoon, 

Couldn’t thaw the frosty silence in its mellow tune.

What have we left to say? 


The distance of four steps, like lightyears seems. 

Was the spark so feeble, a little cold took it away? 

And took along with it, all reasons to smile.

A shard had pierced deep, in just a little while, 

And our lofty castles, crumbled lay.

Like the bare tree that stands alone in snow,

Robbed of reasons to exist, breaved, here and now.

Stands still for the promise it had made as a seed,

To the sun and soils, that once it did feed.

As I still breathe, bound by my vow. 


Photo By: Aaron Burden


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