Doubts may be liars 

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‘Rivers may dry but not the human tears,
No angels are there to assuage our fears.’
Anu loved to read sad poetry. That gave her a feeling that she is not alone in the struggle of life. Kaya had already gone to sleep. Mom and Dad were in their room. She wasn’t able to sleep.
She had rarely slept well ever since Amit was gone.
 She had decided to stay with her in-laws after her husband’s death. Her brother wanted to take her with them. Her own mother told her to stay back.
”Anu,” she said,” Don’t leave your in-laws. They need you and Kaya. Moreover; you have a job here.” She had felt hurt and unwanted.
Days went by and the family slowly learnt to live without Amit .They tried to hide their sorrow from each other.
Soon Anu found  her mother-in-law’s  behaviour changing.She cared for her and Kaya but  questioned her much more about her friends and her coming late. Anu got irritated at times.She wasn’t a child after all.But she knew that Kaya would be neglected if she left.
Anu found a friend in Rohan who was showing more and more interest in her. He would find one or the other excuse to be with her. He found an opportunity to propose her. Anu couldn’t answer immediately but decided to introduce him to her in-laws. They invited him home and seemed pleased with him at first.
 She didn’t know what conspired between him and her in-laws that he started avoiding her altogether. Pained and dismayed, she wanted to know the reason but he kept mum.
Anu was now sure that her in-laws were mean and selfish. They didn’t bother about her happiness. That fine thread of love and trust was finally breaking. She was so angry that she stopped talking to them and decided to leave.
Kaya was able to sense the tension at home. The very thought of going away from her grandparents was unbearable. She had a high fever and was delirious. Anu was desperate and indecisive.
For days together they looked after Kaya. Anu heard her Mother-in-law telling Kaya,” Don’t worry child, we will always be with you, we love you, dear .” As she heard it she burst out crying,” But nobody loves me, not even my own mother. You love Kaya because she is the daughter of your son.l am an alien here. ”
 Mother-in-law got up and hugged her quietly saying,” I am now not just your mother-in-law, but mother also. With Amit gone, it’s our duty to safeguard your interests.”
  “ And how do you propose to do it, By being an obstacle in my happiness? You turned Rohan away,” Anu almost shrieked.
  “No, Anu we didn’t do anything like this. We would have grabbed this opportunity, but he wanted us to keep Kaya. We didn’t want to separate you two,” tears were trickling down her eyes,” so we refused.”
 Anu gasped and hugged her mom.
Photo By: Jon Flobrant

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