“Come on, Anna. Let’s go! There is a party tonight and you know what that means.”

 I joined my girl gang comprising Emilia, Wistina and Abigail. It was going to be one hell of a night. A banquet, a veritable feast beckoned us. 

The venue was not too far away. We arrived at the party hall, in our little black dresses, ravenous and ready to rock.

Suddenly, the room was filled with noxious fumes. We were trapped. I  gazed in horror as Wistina stopped short and dropped dead. Abigail followed suit.

My eyes felt heavy. I couldn’t catch my breath. Then suddenly everything went black!


45 days earlier.

The night was warm and refreshing. We emerged, fresh faced, eager to greet the world. There were a quite a few of us. In fact, we amounted to a few thousands. My friends told me that we were invincible. Nothing could stop us!

The boys in our group failed to keep up with us girls. They slowly drifted towards some places which offered sweet drinks.

Not us girls though! Not for us the sweet nectar like goodies. We wanted something warm and thick. Something that would make our heads spin and give us a high!

Presently we reached a building and Wistina being the ever brilliant one, decided to make this our home. It suited us just fine. 

“Let us park ourselves here for a while. These useless lads! We girls will have to fend for ourselves,” Wistina decided. We were only too eager to comply. It had been a long journey and we were famished.

The building was a blessing in disguise. Plenty of room available for us ladies. Lots of nourishment available. There didn’t appear to be any unwanted visitors or pesky creatures around.

Everything was hunky dory. Now and then some of the lads from our gang visited us and stayed the night. They suspiciously disappeared only to be replaced with a new set of  guys the next night.

Life was good. We girls were truly invincible!

Everything was fine till Emilia mentioned the party about 45 days later.

“Don’t you feel we are fine here?” I cautioned.

“Oh, shut up Anna. Don’t be a boring old hag. This party is going to be loaded with people. We must not miss this opportunity.  It will be great for us!,” mentioned Emilia.

At the party we saw that everything was perfect. There was even a can with a picture of us on it. It was called ‘Hit’! We were invincible. We were a total hit!

That is till we began dropping dead. It was a lie. We were not invincible. I embraced the darkness.

Author’s Note.

The story is written from the point of view of a female mosquito. It is only the female that feeds on human blood and lives for 60 days. The males feed on nectar and perish within 10 days after mating with the females.


Photo By: Christiann Koepke


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