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Roohi was sitting alone in her hostel room glancing through the window. As she watched other students prepare for festivities tonight, her mind was busy shuffling through the images of her home, her mother setting up idols for evening prayer, her father making fancy lights arrangements and her brother wrapping the gifts. This was her first Diwali away from home.


While preparing for her MBA admission, she had never thought that parting from family can be this heart-wrenching. It has been 5 months since she joined her dream college in Delhi.
Today like every other day she called her dad with her voice choking “Daddy I..I am.. missing all three of you.. like never before”.
“Then come back home darling. Your happiness means the world to me “her dad said this the umptieth time.
But she could not come to terms with it. She had worked hard to reach where she was.
A sudden bang on the door and Sanya entered the room, all decked up in ethnic attire.
Unlike Roohi, her roommate was a girl full of life. In spite of contrast personalities, they both shared a great bond. Roohi, the caring soul, had helped Sanya many times during her illnesses and missed lectures. Sanya, on the other hand, would always try to spice up her life by dragging her to parties and shopping trips along. Sanya was also her parents’ second point of contact in case of need.
“You are still not ready for the celebrations?” Commanded Sanya
“I am..mmm” Roohi spoke rather sheepily.
“Aww!! Be quick, girl. I also have to meet Garv tonite after dinner. Your dad had called me today. Have you talked to him”
Garv, the tall, dark, blue-eyed man, was Sanya’s boyfriend. Roohi always found something peculiar and secretive about the guy.
Amidst all the lights, dance and DJ, both the girls finished their dinner.
Sanya looked at her watch “It’s 11:30. I have to leave.”
“Now! Alone !” Roohi was wide-eyed.
As Sanya rushed towards the hostel gate, a piece of paper fell from her pocket. Roohi picked up the paper to read, “Midnite on the bridge. Come alone”
The bridge, just a km away from campus, was a deserted place, surrounded by dense trees. Some locals even considered it haunted.
Roohi came back to her room with a restless mind. “Why would he call her on the bridge now alone” Roohi mumbled. She kept tossing the phone between her fingers until she decided to call Sanya.
Her phone was switched off.
The very moment Roohi’s phone rang. It was Harsh, her classmate. “Where are you Roohi. Everyone is enjoying here”
“I need help Harsh”. Roohi spoke with her heart pounding.
In a few minutes, they both were off to the bridge riding Harsh’s bike.
Roohi spotted the duo and called out to Sanya. Sanya turned around and smiled “Finally you are here”
“Surpriseeeee”, came the loveliest voices from behind. Roohi immediately knew it was her parents’.



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