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As the flames of the fire flew up I saw him. He was gorgeous in his casual clothes.


I caught my eyes with a girl who was sitting ahead of me who was actually staring at me. She was cute. She smiled at me, I avoided her eye contact.

As I adjusted my hair, someone called my name. When I gave a look, it was that girl.

She sat near me, very close. With her sweet voice, she said,

“You look cool. How did I ever miss you out in our school days! Well, that aside… we’re here now. You wanna hang out with me?”

Uh-Oh, she misunderstood me, I didn’t intend to look at her. I was just looking at him. Damn these eyes.

“Sorry, I’m not into you”

“Seriously?! Ugh… BOYS!”

She was irritated but… what could I do, I just want him only.

As I closed my eyes intended to take a rest, the memories flowed in my mind.



—————-TWO YEARS AGO—————


I often get shifted due to my parent’s works. But they promised me that this is the last time. And I believed it.

I entered the new school… then the class. Sir Ronald said to introduce myself as I stood in front of the class. Everyone’s eyes were on me.

I sighed and spoke,

“I’m Jo-Areum from Seoul. Hope we’ll be friends”.

As I smiled, the girls squealed slowly which wasn’t heard by Sir though I heard it, as for the boys they were slightly irritated.

I’ve been popular everywhere for my looks.

I took a seat. Mostly I skipped classes by sight watching outside the window. As I would get the first rank the teachers won’t mind me.

Some days later… I ended up having a group of friends. We hung out everywhere together, also got to promise that we won’t ever meddle with any of the girls.

We all were single and most popular around our and nearby schools and it’s all because of our looks. What shall we do?! We were so cute from the very beginning of our life.

Once there was a new admission to our class. He looked so cool. I included him in our group. Ryan, that was his name.

Ryan and I became close friends. Everything went well until I started to feel something was off.

Whenever I went out with my friends and got any closer seat with Ryan, he would put his hands over my hips or thighs and slightly squeeze it or he would just kiss my hands whenever he wants.

It may be not that much but one day I met up with him and I boldly asked it out when he was about to get a sip of his drink,

“Are you basically weird, Ryan?”

He spilled some of the drinks on the table cloth and after wiping his mouth, he smiled as said,

“Don’t you know?”

“No. I guess that’s why I ask you”

“Fine. I like you, Areum”

He said those words as if it’s a natural thing to say to me.

I was seriously blushed as red as those dark roses. Wait… Why The Hell Do I Blush In The First Place?

But it can’t be true. I must have misunderstood. So I asked him again,

“Like ME?”


I sighed as I was relieved of his answer. So it was like this… he just LIKES me as a friend. That’s it. Nothing more.

When I looked at him, he got up and reached over to me and whispered in my ears,

“What I meant was… I. LOVE. YOU. AREUM”

I could hear my heart pumping as loud as it would come out at any time. I blushed once again when I saw him. He smirked at me as he left.

Was I blushing because I liked him? NO WAY! It can’t be like that.

That night was something I would remember throughout my life and also I was all night thinking about him only.

After that day, I ignored him in every way I could. My friends felt sorry for him and so they did say to patch up with him.

But they don’t know that he actually confessed to me.

I concentrated on my studies and everything that doesn’t include him. But whatever I did I ended up thinking about him.

I wanted to clear up myself. I wanted to know about me.

I’ve tried everything so far but nothing interested me. I think about him only.

He even appeared in my dreams, it was so intimate though I liked it. It was all clear now that I’ve fallen for him.

I know now who I’m for real. I gathered my every strength to let everyone know when I meet him.

I searched for him but it’s the opposite now, he ignores me now.

I felt like a stupid for not realizing soon.

Days passed… they announced the graduation day.





Ah… those memories make me feel so tired.

This was the campfire arranged by my schoolmates after graduation day.

When I heard he would show up, I didn’t give any thought just rushed up here. Though he doesn’t seem to care about me at all. Was it all a lie?As I opened my eyes I heard someone walk into the dark.

It wasn’t someone, it was Ryan.

I followed him. He was being confessed by a girl but he pulled me out and made me stand closer to him.

He said with a clear voice as he smiled at me,

“I’m sorry but I can’t accept your feelings as he is the one I love”

After the girl was gone, he asked me whether we should make it public. He knew all along what I had felt.

“We should. I don’t care how others think or whatever… I Love You, Ryan”

I said it… at last, I said it. I can totally see him through, he was blushing as red as those dark roses.


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