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His Backup Plan

Trust me! 

I was very lucky.

How many of you could survive a 15 feet fall and live to tell the tale? I did and how!

It all started last night. After supper, I was licking myself clean (I have hygienic habits) when I saw her. Her plummy purr, her luscious coat, her ‘come-hither’ eyes. Ah! A kilo of catnip couldn’t match what her wisp-like whiskers did to me. We hit it off immediately and spent the night rousing the whole neighbourhood, literally. 

Now, I wanted to ask her out again. I planned to take her to the newly opened bin at the posh ‘Boatclub’ area (The reviews were good and the food, delectable). A wild night might ensue. I was bristling already. 


‘Did you call them up to confirm that the horoscope matched?’

Yes, Mahalingam did.

‘Did you make sure they eat vegetarians only?’

Yes, he did.

‘Is it auspicious time to start now?’

10 more minutes for Rahu clearance, he said.

 Then we wait, Maheswari declared. 

She strictly went by her beliefs and with extra diligence once she started searching for a bride for her IIT-M-Passed-out son.

Maheswari ordered her husband to make sure the widow from flat number 3C was not loitering about in the hallway when her son stepped out to meet his prospective wife for the first time.

Mahalingam did as he was bidden all the while smothering up a rogue sneeze that threatened to escape explosively. If he dared, before the big event, he would never hear the end of it from his wife. 


From the tree, I peep into the balcony of the flat where she lived with her humans. I mewed out to her. My persistent catcalls went unheeded. Disappointed, I was about to leave when I saw him. That scoundrel from a couple of alleys down the road. 

Why was he near my feline fatale’s house?

Preposterous! Look at him. His tortie coat was patchy and his right eye looked infected. Sure, he was big. But I was handsome, dark-as-the-night coat, green eyes, and pert ears. 

My snarl was met with a dare-you stare. So war, it was. Claws retracted, I ran towards my rival. Undeterred he stood his I pounced on him. The dirty rascal stepped aside deftly sending me hurling into the air. My nine lives flashed before me.


They were standing outside the gate waiting for Ola cab when Maheswari spotted a one rupee coin on the ground. Wasn’t she lucky she thought to herself when she bent down to pick it up. 

Then it happened. A black cat fell from the skies and landed on  Maheswari’s bent back. A deafening scream and a melee later, the cat walked away unscathed, thanks to the ample soft landing. But Maheswari was shaken to the core.  

‘Aiyoo, it is raining black cats here. Turn around. We are not meeting this girl. Maheswari declared, massaging a severely scratched behind. 

‘She is very unlucky’

‘Trust me!’ 


Photo By: ak-n-cakiner


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Sarveswari Sai Krishna
The author wishes to write like J M Coetzee, cook like Nigella Lawson and earn like Beyonce and at the end of the day, not look like something the cat dragged in. If wishes were horses...
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