33 right swipes and then I found her. The one for me. It’s a match the app said. It’s always me versus the technology, but for the first time, I was in total agreement with the technology. Yes, it’s a match. I opened her profile. She was looking just perfect in her red dress and with the red rose in her hand. Red is my favourite color too. I read the bio on her profile.

She/Her. Vogue, I thought.

Sapiosexual. I obviously googled the meaning. It read that Sapiosexuality is sexually attracted to highly intelligent people. If I needed to search for the meaning of that word, I am of course not intelligent, but I decided to go with the App instinct.

Better in person. ‘No girl, you are the best.’ I said while I was gauging her profile.
Swipe right at your own risk. I can kill you. I was already dead by then. Just when I was lost in her beauty, my phone beeped. It was a message from her.

‘Pretty fast.’, I decided to throw some attitude.

‘Don’t tell me you didn’t ask for it.’, She wrote. I didn’t ask for it though, I prayed to all gods of all religions in all languages I knew.

‘I thought you would take some time. Isn’t this a rule that the guy messages first?’

‘Rule? Who defined? Is it written somewhere?’, Ohh, I almost smiled at her text. It could be the start of my love story. I lost in the reverie thinking about her as a part of my future.

‘Gone?’, her text broke my chain of pleasant thoughts.

‘No, I am still here. I was just thinking about you.’ I screamed at myself for the choice of my words.
‘Cute <3 ’, She found that cute and that too with the heart emoji. My flirt game was so weak that I didn’t even know what a reply to ‘Cute’ was.

‘Don’t bother thinking about a reply. I am here to help you. So, what made you swipe right my profile?’ Ohh she asked the toughest question. I was ready for the answer.

‘I love to read books that have a mystifying title.’,

‘Ohh, You will soon find out. Lol.’

‘What made you swipe right me?’, I played the Uno reverse card.

‘Ohh, I like easy prey :p Ha… Ha..’ So I was an easy prey. She was funny too.

‘Am I your first prey?’ I asked quirkily.

‘Honestly? No. I didn’t find my ideal match yet. Maybe you are the one.’ I couldn’t complain. She was beautiful enough to not be approached by many.

That day we talked for almost 3 hours on chat. It Started by exchanging of numbers, I found out we had a lot in common like her favorite color was red too. She also loved writing. Once she asked me to write a story about her as well. We used to connect at all levels, but we never met for the first 20 days, and then that day came.  

My phone rang and I saw her name flashing on the screen with the heart emoji.

‘Hello. How are you?’ I asked her.

‘I think it’s time we should meet.’ She said without answering my question.

‘I would be lying if I say I wasn’t waiting for this moment.’

‘Then It’s final. We will meet tomorrow near the Skyhouse café. Fine?’

‘I will be waiting for you.’

I wore a red shirt for the special date and bought the red rose bouquet for her. I reached the place on time. She was punctual too. I could see her from far. She was shining in her red dress. She came to me, and we hugged. We went together inside the café. I became the most chivalrous man and did everything I learned from youtube. I ordered everything she liked to make it perfect but still, I could see that she was a little uneasy. I couldn’t understand what I was missing.

‘Is everything okay?’, I asked her.

‘Yeah, but can we go to some other place? I am not liking this place.’

‘Sure, let me call for a bill.’. I paid for the table and we walked outside the café.

‘I know a place. Let’s go there.’ She said and I walked along with her. 10 minutes of walk and she didn’t utter any word and then we reached a place. It was the backyard of some school. Beautiful and serene and I could see her smile again.

‘So, you liked this place?’ I asked her.

‘yes. I love this place. This was the place where I met Ravi for the first time.’

‘Who Ravi?’

‘Ravi was the love of my life.’ I relaxed at “was”

‘But then he ditched me.’ She continued.

‘He used to love this place and I killed him at the very spot he proposed to me.’ I couldn’t believe what she said. I looked at her for laughter, but she was all engrossed in her thought.

‘And then one after other I killed all those three men as well, but you are not the same. You are different.’ She came closer to me. I wanted to run away but I couldn’t as if she was controlling me. I was looking into her eyes. Never realized that there was a knife slitting my throat.  I couldn’t feel anything.

‘And I don’t know how I landed in this hospital. This is my story sir.’

‘I think you are mistaken. In fact, You should be thankful to your friend who called the ambulance. 

Please take care of him. We are calling the police to register the case.’, the doctor told her.

‘Sure. I will take care of him.’ She said and came closer to me.

‘I told you, you are different. I will not let you die. We are the perfect match.’ She whispered in my ear.

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