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Into the Night

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Lilith knew the man was hers the minute he walked in. Her gray eyes caressed his chiseled features. The broad shoulders, tapered waist, and long legs reminded her of a scrumptious dessert. The bunch of pansies in his strong hands made her shiver with anticipation. Lilith wasn’t someone who waited to get what she wanted. But her latest acquisition left a bad taste. Oh, she got her revenge by destroying his soul. Still, she liked her affairs to last a while longer. 

He turned that instant, looking straight at her with a raised eyebrow. Tossing her chestnut curls, Lilith glided towards him. He placed the flowers on a nearby grave and crossed his arms. She noticed the flash of desire in those hazel eyes before he controlled it. Her mystically potent scent wafted through the night surrounding and enveloping them. 

“Greetings, my lord.” 

“A beauty in a cemetery. May I inquire what the reason might be?” His voice was husky. 

Lilith smiled. “A lonely heart in need of a companion; perhaps.” 

“Mind if I assist?” He asked, surprising himself.

Head tilted to a side, she studied him, lingering on her favorite parts. He would do good, indeed. 

“Maybe, if I know your name…” She whispered, taking a step closer. The frills of her gown traced patterns on his boots. 

“Martin.” His hand rose of its own accord to tuck an errant curl behind her delicate ear. Desire darkened in her eyes, mirroring his needs.

Her satin skin gleamed in the moonlight, luring him to take what she was offering. Martin hesitated. She was a stranger; enticing and mysterious. Lilith wrapped her fingers around his wrist, leaning into him. She knew her powers and employed them. Martin kissed the corner of her lips and nodded. 

An owl hooted from a nearby tree. Lilith winked at her pet. It was hard to waltz around without a prey in hand for long. Not anymore. 

Fingers entwined, Lilith and Martin walked out of the cemetery. They reached his house in less than five minutes. Martin shut the door with one hand while he pulled her to him with another. The hardness of his body excited her. But unlike others, she had standards.

Gently pushing him to take a step back, Lilith eased out of his arms. “Patience, my lord, gives better results.”

He grinned and bowed. “This way, my darling.” He gestured towards the stairs that led to his master chamber. Closed away from the rest of the world, Lilith sighed as their clothes fell to the cold floor. He exceeded her expectations.

Her lips igniting a fire down his body, Lilith planned for the future. It would be temporary. It always was. But, this man would get something special from her; a gift. 



Martin woke up as sunlight streamed through the curtains. The heady musk of lovemaking lingered around him. He stretched and turned to find the bed empty. There was no trace of her. Grabbing the trousers, he went down the stairs to realize she disappeared. And, he didn’t even know her name.

Relieving his bladder, Martin wondered if it was a dream. The love bite near his collarbone suggested otherwise. She was real, at least before she vanished. Strange how he had a sudden urge to visit the grave the previous night. 

His valet moved around the room in silence, getting things ready for the morning ritual of shaving, bathing, and dressing. The cravat would cover the reddish mark. It was the center of attention of his valet’s silent disgust. Martin suppressed a sigh. His staff was devoted to his wife. So what? He was the Master of the house. 

Martin saw that not a single item in the house was disturbed. His money was intact and so were the jewels. Putting back a velvet box back in the drawer, Martin set out. He had a meeting with the Duke and a lunch date at the club. The evening was his to do as he chose. It didn’t take him much to decide. There was one place Martin could find her. 


Lilith twirled in her shimmering new gown. A deep shade of purple, it made her appear heavenly. She chuckled at the thought. Heaven wasn’t a place she was allowed. It was a pious house of obedient angels. 

Lilith looked at the headstone where Martin placed flowers. The darkness did not affect her eyesight.

Lady Rosie Milenstein (13 July 1765-18 June 1789)

Master Milenstein (Jan 1789- 18 June 1789)

Beloved wife rests in peace with an unborn heir.

It happened three months ago. Lilith wasn’t bothered. She seduced men when their wives lay beside them. It gave her a heightened release watching the innocent wives sleep as their husbands tangled limbs with hers. The ability to disappear anytime was an advantage even if it was annoying. That alone was a reason enough for her to choose men in empty beds. She demanded pleasure over everything else.

“Still looking for a companion?” A voice whispered, planting a kiss on her exposed nape. Martin hooked a string of pearls around her throat. They looked exquisite on her. 

“You are late.” She pouted, threading her fingers through his hair. 

Lilith saw Martin appeared torn between giving in and wanting to question her. Closing the distance between them, she let the passion overrule his senses. 

“Let’s go.” His voice was hoarse. 

Lilith shook her head. She was in the mood for an adventure. “Come with me.”


Martin wasn’t sure where they were. Not that he cared. Her supple body slid over his, taking them to the land of lust and stardust. Lilith chuckled as Martin tried to find a way to get down from the tree. 

“Damnation, woman! How did we get up here?” He had to admit it was a unique experience, even for him. She left him wanting more. 

“You helped me.” Lilith winked and jumped to the soft ground. Martin followed, narrowing his eyes at her. She wasn’t a fragile chit who would cringe at the sight of his aroused body. No use thinking about a wife who couldn’t handle her first pregnancy. 

The screech of an owl echoed as they left the cemetery. Lilith ignored it, snaking her arm through his waist. 

“I don’t even know your name.” He said at last. The night was still young. They were walking up the stairs. 

“Couldn’t guess an evil woman, my Martin? I’m Lilith*.” She laughed. The clear sound of her voice warmed his heart as cold fingers tickled his spine. Shrugging away the contradicting feelings, Martin debated about asking her more. She didn’t belong to any of the establishments. Was she an ex-mistress? 

“Go on, darling. You’ve got another question as a boon for the night.” She teased, leaning into him and playfully nipping his earlobe. 

“Such overwhelming generosity, milady. I’m honored.” He teased and eased her onto the bed. 

She rewarded him with another kiss, allowing him to lead for a few moments. Soon, she was in control; wielding her power over him to attain satisfaction. Lilith never let a man take control. 


Her skin sparkled in the dim light of burning embers. His tanned body gleamed with a film of sweat. Tempted, Lilith decided to stay a while longer. It was at least another two hours before the sky changed color. 

Martin prided himself on not falling asleep. He made up his mind during the last few minutes. Her beauty, her body, and his instincts said she was different. Dangerous yet different. “Is my boon still on offer?” He asked, tracing a finger from her collar bone down her rosy breasts to her flat stomach and resting it there. 

“Of course.” Low and throaty, her voice stirred the heat within him again. 

Controlling the urge, Martin spoke, not noticing the frown on her lovely face. “Will you be my wife?” 

Lilith laughed. He wasn’t the first man to ask her. He would over it. They all did; one way or the other. 

“You think it’s funny?” Martin sat and seized her arm to look at her face. 

Lilith shook him away. “It is funny, you silly man. I don’t marry.” 

He glared at her and sighed when she didn’t back down. “Alright. Stay with me then.”

“No. I come and go as I please.” 

Martin tried another approach. “Just for a while, please, honey?” 

Lilith debated. He didn’t look like the kind who would dump her for another. She wasn’t against loyalty, though it would be on her terms. She could give him riches, knowledge, and power if he continued to pleasure her alone. 

She almost agreed when he added in a soft voice. “I’d love to sire a child with you.” 

The emotion in his voice enraged her. She gave him pleasure as no woman could, and he wanted babies? Why were men obsessed with having children? Wasn’t the death of his wife enough? 

“I hate kids.” She spat. Her gray eyes were dark with fury.  

“Were you hurt as a child, my dear?” Martin tried to understand. True, her life was a mystery to him. But all women, in his experience, did not say no to having children; his wife included. Though she wished the process of conceiving was different. 

He decided to try again. “We can start fresh, darling. I don’t care about the ton. We’ll make a new life, I swear.” Martin reached for her. What was it about her that made him desperate? 

Lilith pushed him away. “I was never a child. Idiot! You had one chance and ruined it.” Her shrill voice reverberated in the room. 

“I offer you a chance of a lifetime, and you say I ruined it? Foolish woman, do you know what it means to the wife of an Earl? You don’t have to walk around cemeteries to find a protector.” Martin snapped. “Your beauty isn’t going to be forever.” 

Lilith shoved him aside, her long nails leaving nasty lines on his chest. “My beauty is eternal! I don’t need a protector. Ever.” Naked and proud, she walked to the window, opened it, and jumped into the night. 

“What! Wait!” Martin tumbled from the bed. He looked out and gasped as there was no one below. There was enough moonlight for him see the empty footpath. 

How was it possible? What had happened? 

Stunned, he slumped on the bed. His head spun. The minutes ticked by as he tried to make sense of things. Taking a deep breath to clear his mind, Martin noticed her clothes had vanished. Who was she? 

Tossing and turning, he drifted into a restless sleep. He refused to believe she wasn’t human. Such things didn’t exist. He vowed in vain to find out the truth. 


Two days later…

The full moon rose over the horizon, as a vision in scarlet glided towards a young man. He stood tall and lean, beside two fresh graves, tears in his eyes. 

“Oh, poor darling, your anguish isn’t going to bring them back.” Her voice dripped honey and concern. 

He looked at Lilith, eyes widening when she laid an arm on his thundering heart. “My father and brother.” The words were choked. 

She traced his face with her fingertips. “Oh, dear! May they rest in peace. But wouldn’t they want you to be happy?” 

His lips trembled, but he nodded. Uncertainty made him adorable. Lilith smiled in assurance. She was done with men. They were ruining her pleasure with ridiculous expectations. Typical human males. Can’t stick to women who love them and crave for those who wish to be free. 

Training lads was a good idea. Her fellow succubus* were implementing the scheme with great success. This lad seemed perfect to her experienced eyes. He would become a heartbreaker in a few years. Until then, he would be hers to use. 

“Let me comfort you, dear. Listen to the wisdom of an elder.” She cooed and pushed his hair from the forehead to place a soft kiss. 

Mesmerized, he submitted to her charm without a word. The flowers beside the grave lay crumpled and crushed in the dirt; forgotten and worthless. 


Martin cursed when he saw a couple disappear into the thickening fog outside the cemetery. “Bloody seductress. You will pay for this.” 

An owl blinked and sighed before flying away to a nearby tree. Lilith’s laughter echoed in the deserted street. 



Author Notes:

  • Lilith- The first wife of Adam; known as the ‘evil woman’ in Christianity. 
    • She was kicked out of ‘the garden’ because she refused to be a submissive wife and was replaced by Eve. 
    • She was also associated with the serpent along with Lucifer. 
    • She represented freedom, independence, knowledge, power, divine beauty. 
    • Her sacred animal was the owl. 
    • More info: 
  • Succubus- A succubus is a demon in female form in folklore (traced back to medieval legend), that appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. The male counterpart to the succubus is the incubus. 
    • In modern representations, a succubus may or may not appear in dreams and is often depicted as a highly attractive seductress or enchantress; whereas, in the past, succubi were generally depicted as frightening or demonic. (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Inspiration: 


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