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It was a typical day, late from work, moreover, at the end of it, the shoulders could not bear the weight of a laptop bag along with my handbag. Man, my clothes! Thanks to the sudden downpour, they were all wet. Without worrying about what direction I put my bag, I tossed my heels to a corner and went straightway to my wardrobe in the bedroom and stood mesmerised on seeing the lilac colour sexy nightgown flap in it. Before any other thoughts could confuse me, I was startled upon listening to a man’s voice.

“Like it.”

“From where have you come?” I sighed a relief.

Standing at the other edge of the bed, he stood smiling, “You forgot, I have the keys to the apartment too. Surprised!” He came near me and winked.

I took that nightgown without meeting his gaze. I was about to get into the washroom when he stopped me by holding my hand, “Let me do the honors.”

I shrugged and moved back a step, “I am too tired! Don’t you even think of it.”

He smiled and took that nightgown from my hand, “S, I am here to help you.”

We stood close to each other. He gently moved his hands near my ears, and with a little massage he removed the danglers.  Shhh! Goosebumps. Carefully, he removed the pins from my hair.  Then confidently his fingers went his way to unbutton my shirt. My skin was visible, though his eyes were stuck on my face. The smouldering eyes played the trick. Gosh! I am wet. Is it the rain or… I turned my back towards him, and he slowly removed my shirt. His fingers caressed my arms, and later my spine. He then unhooked my bra, gently pulled strings off.  His hands partly covered my bosom, and I could feel his shirt buttons on my naked spine. With a deft touch, he unbuttoned my pants, “Ohh! R!”

The pants dropped on the floor, and he bent down to lift my feet from the crumpled pants. I could feel his hair behind my thighs and his hands on my ankles. He casually straightened up, and his hands deliberately caressed my legs. Then slowly he made me slip into the nightgown. With a peck on my back, he softly whispered in my ears, “S, you look gorgeous!”

I opened my eyes to a beautiful me. What the…!  He stood behind me with a flirtatious smile on his face, “I just did what you wrote in your diary, but I guess it’s incomplete.”

I turned around and snatched the diary from his hand, “You!!”

He briskly walked outside the room towards the bar.

“You might need a cup of coffee for completing the story.” He kept the coffee mug near me and fixed a scotch for himself.  

“How about finishing the story together!” I bit my lower lip and went back to the room.


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