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Pet’r and toto

‘Tom’rrow I am going to sneaketh into the castle and runneth hence with mine wench’

Nice, pet’r, wherefore don’t thee eke taketh yond bloody coronet while you’re th’re?’


‘you clotpole, we art h’re to stealeth the gold which is stack’d in the crypts, once our job is done, we shall receiveth out’

‘i knoweth, but, the lady did smile at me in the farm’r’s marketeth, th’re wast a hint of loveth in yond smileth. I bethink the lady loves me’

‘of course, the lady did smile at thee, the lady did smile at me, the lady eke did smile at the fooking dwarf with a limp leggeth, the lady smiles at ev’ryone, the lady is a princess, h’r job is to behold valorous and smileth at ev’ryone’

Pet’r and toto’s loot wast successful, those gents stack’d gold in their containers and w’re on the runneth, as anon as the reacheth’r selleth’r’s marketeth, that gent tooketh down a bawbling parchment, penn’d down his loveth and putteth t in his locket and did tie t to his trusty pigeon nam’d drone. That gent whisp’r’d the way to princess’s cubiculo into drone’s ears and alloweth t flyeth

t hast been ten days, the lady didn’t returneth, neith’r didst drone

While the guests w’re g’rging on the lavish feast at king’s castle, princess Catherine wast ill, the lady wast eke depress’d, the lady hast been visiting farm’r’s marketeth in disguise, yet h’r secret admir’r wast nowh’re to beest seen. The lady wast longing f’r that gent. Royal c?c cameth down with a bowl of broth and hath asked h’r to gust t

‘what wenteth wrong with today’s chicken broth, thee mooncalf?’, the lady blurt’d out at c?c.

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Shankar Hosagoudar
Shankar Hosagoudar
Shankar Hosagoudar describes himself as a Jack of all trades mastering network infra.; a part-time engineer, part-time writer, and a full-time potterhead.
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