Dear Humankind

You have been created in two different varieties called gender. A masculine and another feminine. Each one has been designed in a particular way with the appropriate nuts and bolts to carry out specific functions. As much as the two genders differ from each other, they complement each other. One cannot survive without the other.

With time and advent of science you might want to alter it. But there will be repercussions.

Other than biological variation, there is absolutely no difference between both . So all the avenues of a good, healthy prosperous, enlightened life is open to both and there should be no discrimination whatsoever.





Brahma folded the letter, carefully sealed it in an envelope and assigned his most loyal Vishnu aka Krishna to deliver it.

The earth was ready to be populated and equality should be the mantra.

But he did not realize it was the Saint Valentine’s birthday.

Saint Valentine had activated all the romantic senses and Krishna had way too many. Not a good day to bestow on him such an important responsibility.

Shiva was away on vacation leaving behind Nandi. So Krishna decided to borrow him for a ride .He tucked the letter in the pouch of his dhoti and began his journey. No sooner had he stepped out he was met by a long line of beautiful damsels .Oh they are his wives ! He smiled with glee. They were disciplined enough to wait in a row for their turn . How could he not please them today. His adrenaline rush needed a vent. Saint Valentine’s magic was everywhere. So, he began attending to each one of them, one after the other.

The letter slipped out from his pouch and fell right in front of Nandi.

The rest as they is history.

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