• The Deal

    He needed a new room. As he had been kicked out. Again.  It was dark and he noticed small children scurrying past with baskets in...1 min

  • Just Purrfect!

    Perched on his shoulder, I read -‘Rooms for rent in the attic’. Purrfect…just purrfect.  Yum, yum…all those chubby, plump mice… smack, slurp.  Oooh, and maybe...1 min

  • Blurring the lines

    Alannah stood outside an old building. The carving on the wood looked familiar.  She jumped as the door opened with a loud creak.   “Miss?”  How...1 min

  • Tricked

    She paced nervously counting her steps, and at 100, she moved the curtains and looked out. He should have been here. Wonder what delayed him....1 min

  • Make me a Barbie Doll

    “Doctor, can you make me look like Barbie?” the little girl asked the plastic surgeon, clutching her favourite Barbie doll. Looking down at the five...1 min

  • Julie Aunty’s Pet Forever

    Three-year-olds don’t want to go to school. I wasn’t an exception. After months of unsuccessful attempts to make me stay for at least an hour...1 min

  • The Ultimatum

    “Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth was bestowed upon me over a decade back. I was promised that I will not be exploited any...1 min

  • Fury of Vasudha

    ‘Appa, look, the water is receding,’ cried Balu desperately. Ranganna rushed to Balu’s side and peeped into the well. His body convulsed in fear at...1 min

  • Gaia’s Wrath

    That night, terrible tremors shook the world. Humans huddled close inside their houses. The world shook for two minutes and a deathly calm followed. *************...1 min

  • Complete

    Complete Within “Why in the world they had to be here?” Roger murmured as he tried to feel the surface below his feet in the...1 min

  • Love me like you do

    Tara looked at the mirror. The reflection was perfect. The waxing was a torture, but the effect was magic indeed. Tara almost felt the heat...1 min

  • Redemption

    Circa 2110 Dr. Treud’s clinic was swarming with men. Men of varying shapes, sizes and ethnicity had lined up in his swanky clinic. The waiting...1 min

  • Inferno

    Troubled and tortured woke he, By the trace of a memory, A drag he felt in his heart, He struggled to remember the start The...1 min


    “So, it’s official, no more women,” the club secretary waved a letter from the census and statistics department that confirmed what their hearts desired. The...1 min

  • A Perfect World ?

    “Wake up” an inner voice spoke to Herman. 6 am sharp Monday till Friday, the alarm clock would dutifully buzz and wake Herman up. Herman...1 min

  • The Missing She

    The trees, thorny bushes, rocks, and streams looked artistic scattered all over the place. Fruits were in abundance, so were fish and other animals. It...1 min

  • The Wormhole

    ME 14 was panting in the tunnel. He tried so hard to find the Wormhole. His clan males were lying defunct-shocked microchips.He had to visit...1 min


    “Mr. Adam?” “Yes, speaking.” “I’m sorry, we can’t do much about the missing complaint regarding your wife. It seems that all the women have suddenly...1 min

  • The Curse

      “Enough!!!” roared Maa Durga* as another wailing soul of an infant girl was brought to the gates of heaven. “There has to be an...1 min

  • To Err is Divine

    Dear Humankind You have been created in two different varieties called gender. A masculine and another feminine. Each one has been designed in a particular...1 min

  • Yes or No

    “Radhikaaaaa!” her mother called out furiously for the fifth time. “Are you done yet?” she shouted, banging the bathroom door in one hand and holding a...1 min

  • The Long Coat

    November, 2014, Delhi “Oh please Meghna! Don’t tell me you are going to buy this!” Said a visibly vexed Sujay. But Meghna kept on bargaining...1 min

  • The Language Debacle

    The over crowded bus trundled from the depot. After a failed attempt at seat-hunting, I resorted to standing, holding the camera in one hand and...1 min

  • Let us be mature here

    ‘My co brother’s sister’s daughter has attained puberty.’ said A ‘Oh! very close relative. What is the good name of the girl?’, said B ‘Asha,...1 min


    “Oh God, wonder how this country is still running?” Ravi cursed out aloud, as he stumbled on one of those paver blocks, that had come...1 min

  • Choices

    Arun wiped away tears from his mother’s eyes. He had nailed the dream job, and was leaving for America, along with his wife. He felt...1 min

  • Power Cut!

    “Shiv! Shiv! Every morning my “Dhyan” gets disturbed by this Azaan” the staunch Hindu, Chaubeyji murmured angrily. “Every morning, the same complaint for years” his...1 min


      It was Ronnie’s first train journey. While it took nearly seventeen hours to reach the subcontinent from New Jersey, Mumbai to Latur was going...1 min

  • The Holiday Banter

    “You are wrong.” “I don’t need your advice.” Sravi and Appu, the ‘monkey’ cousins, were at it, again. Aged 14 and 11 respectively, they met...1 min

  • Asha-a ray of Hope

    There lived a grumpy kid named Asha. Her parents fulfilled all her demands, still she was always unsatisfied. Fed up with her tantrums her parents...1 min

  • Jingle all the way

    The cakes baked and the gifts wrapped. The Christmas tree was dazzling with stars and bulbs. Perfect, Rita thought to herself. The kids will be...1 min

  • The Christmas Dinner

    The white snow on the gingerbread houses, little tufts of delicious smoke from the cigar like chimneys, tinkle of bells, decorated fir trees dancing to...1 min


    “Tauba Tauba, Ruksaar, it’s ok that you work for them…but now you have started following their festivals too.” Farida Bi frowned looking at the plastic...1 min

  • The Four Huskies

     “I don’t like this time of the year. Look at that guy, can we pull him even by an inch?” Rachael said.  “The master fed...1 min

  • Wishes

    It was the night before Christmas, and all was quiet around the house. Not a creature was stirring, except five year old Lily Grouse! She...1 min

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