• Just Purrfect!

    Perched on his shoulder, I read -‘Rooms for rent in the attic’. Purrfect…just purrfect.  Yum, yum…all those chubby, plump mice… smack, slurp.  Oooh, and maybe...1 min

  • Blurring the lines

    Alannah stood outside an old building. The carving on the wood looked familiar.  She jumped as the door opened with a loud creak.   “Miss?”  How...1 min

  • Tricked

    She paced nervously counting her steps, and at 100, she moved the curtains and looked out. He should have been here. Wonder what delayed him....1 min

  • Vulnerable

    That’s the status given by the International Union for Conservation of Nature to cheetahs. A paradoxically slow pace of multiplying numbers, for the fastest animal...1 min

  • The Ultimatum

    “Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth was bestowed upon me over a decade back. I was promised that I will not be exploited any...1 min

  • Fury of Vasudha

    ‘Appa, look, the water is receding,’ cried Balu desperately. Ranganna rushed to Balu’s side and peeped into the well. His body convulsed in fear at...1 min

  • Gaia’s Wrath

    That night, terrible tremors shook the world. Humans huddled close inside their houses. The world shook for two minutes and a deathly calm followed. *************...1 min

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