Alannah stood outside an old building. The carving on the wood looked familiar.  She jumped as the door opened with a loud creak. 


How did she dream about the boy? “Ahh… Room… Attic…” She mumbled. 

He smiled and gestured for her to step in. The inside was a stark contrast to the sparkling town. 

“I’m Murphy.”

“Alannah O’Shea.” She reverted to her maiden name a year ago. 

“You’re on time. Welcome home,” Murphy led her into a neat room with a large window. The single cot was dusted, and fresh sheets were laid out. She knew the room.

“Thank you.” 

He nodded and left. 

Alannah stepped to the window. The mountains that backed Dingle glowed in the golden sunset. This town, the house, called to her soul. It was as if the ad was placed for her. Halloween was the time when the dead returned to meet their loved ones. Would it lead her to her family? 


 Alannah woke up with a start. She had no idea when sleep overpowered her senses. Flying across continents was tiring. The strange glow on the window lured her senses. Blurred yellow-orange flames danced on frosted glass. The townfolk danced around the in a park facing the house. Her sapphire locket glowed.   

A shadow loomed at the door. “Time for the feast.” 

The flickering candles cast eerie patterns on the bare walls of the dining room. They comforted her. Eleven chairs at the table were occupied. She returned their smile, recognizing each one of them from her dreams. Each of them wore a different gemstone- their identity.   

 Murphy offered her an apple tart. “I’ve heard this is your favorite, great-great-granny. We’re happy to meet you at last.”

“So am I,” Alannah murmured, feeling peaceful for the first time in her life.

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