Perched on his shoulder, I read -‘Rooms for rent in the attic’.

Purrfect…just purrfect. 

Yum, yum…all those chubby, plump mice… smack, slurp. 

Oooh, and maybe there would be creepy-crawlies too? You know, those clueless arachnids scuttling on spindly legs. Oh, and Lizzies…aah…those scrumptious reptilian beauties and maybe even roaches. Hmm…Heavenly! What fun I would have chasing them. I smirked. 

And, perhaps Casper lives there too? You know that roly-poly, cuddly ghost? Dare I hope?

Aww! I love Casper. Muah!

He was turning the page. Hey, hold on…no, no…wait.


I kid you not, humans are dim-witted. Mine is particularly so. I swear, I do everything here. 

With a gentle plop I landed on the page. 

‘Hedgie, c’mon now, off.’

Yeah right! If I wanted to be ‘off’ why would I be ‘on’? Jeez! See, I told you…dim-witted!

I clawed at the advertisement. The dodo looked.

‘Hedgie, you’re a genius.’

Yeah right! Think so? Anyhow…apology accepted. 

‘This room would be perfect for us.’

I preened.

Uh ho, was he reaching for a hug? Yep, it was coming all right. Ugh! Horrors! 

I abhor intimacy. Thankfully, he settled for an ear scratch. 

Phew! Saved.

Okay, so, hustle now boy, quit dallying. We gotta check out the attic…and, ahem, well all those delectable…well you know…those too.


‘What do you think Hedgie?’

I rotated my head…well as much as I could. He had me in a vice-like grip.  No perching whilst marching, apparently. Bugger!

Hmmm…nice, very nice, all dark and dingy. I inhaled the dampness.

No Casper though, just plenty of dust mites and cobwebs. But heck! I wasn’t complaining. It was puurfect. 


I hooted my approval to Harry Potter.


Author’s note – hey! I know this isn’t a horror story but c’mon admit it, you had way more fun reading this, right? Aha! I knew it….now, now, don’t hide it, I saw you smile there. Happy Helloween!!!


This is an entry into ODE-7, #helloween, hosted by the watchers of Room8 | ArtoonsInn. Do share your comments and rate the writing out of 10.

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