• Inferno

    Troubled and tortured woke he, By the trace of a memory, A drag he felt in his heart, He struggled to remember the start The...1 min


    “So, it’s official, no more women,” the club secretary waved a letter from the census and statistics department that confirmed what their hearts desired. The...1 min

  • A Perfect World ?

    “Wake up” an inner voice spoke to Herman. 6 am sharp Monday till Friday, the alarm clock would dutifully buzz and wake Herman up. Herman...1 min

  • The Missing She

    The trees, thorny bushes, rocks, and streams looked artistic scattered all over the place. Fruits were in abundance, so were fish and other animals. It...1 min

  • The Wormhole

    ME 14 was panting in the tunnel. He tried so hard to find the Wormhole. His clan males were lying defunct-shocked microchips.He had to visit...1 min


    “Mr. Adam?” “Yes, speaking.” “I’m sorry, we can’t do much about the missing complaint regarding your wife. It seems that all the women have suddenly...1 min

  • The Curse

      “Enough!!!” roared Maa Durga* as another wailing soul of an infant girl was brought to the gates of heaven. “There has to be an...1 min

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