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Circa 2110

Dr. Treud’s clinic was swarming with men. Men of varying shapes, sizes and ethnicity had lined up in his swanky clinic. The waiting room which shone radiantly underneath the translucent walls looked almost unreal.

Dr. Treud was one of the most prominent psychiatrists of his times.

After a hard day at work, Dr. Treud sighed and lamented the loss of ‘them’. Almost all his patients had similar symptoms. They were depressed, they felt their lives were mundane and they had pent up emotions which marred their mental well-being.

It had been some years since the world had begun to be inhabited by ‘men only’. The fairer sex had bidden adieu and though scientific breakthrough ensured the process of procreation, only the male progeny could be birthed.

Women had been trampled from times immemorial. All over the world they had fallen prey to inhuman acts like rape, molestation, subjugation and so on. Even the ones who asked for equal rights were mockingly termed as ‘feminazis’.

So, gradually ‘Natural Selection’ took its course and slowly but steadily women disappeared from the face of the earth.

Men grappled to face this new reality and the downfall of humanity almost hung over their heads like Damocles’ sword. They felt incomplete. And why wouldn’t they? The yin had lost its yang.

Long, long ago John Gray had coined the phrase, ‘Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus’. Today Dr. Treud knew how important the opposing traits were to maintain a fine equilibrium.

Was there a possibility of redemption? Dr. Treud was sure that nature would one day bring back the women folk. Lesson had been learnt.

With this thought, he opened the website www.wearesorrybringthewomenback.com just as the sun emanated its crimson light and heralded the start of yet another day.

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