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“So, it’s official, no more women,” the club secretary waved a letter from the census and statistics department that confirmed what their hearts desired. The announcement was met with a thunderous applause. As drinks were poured, someone said, “No one to tell us to pick after us.”

“No one tells me what to watch and what to eat,’ quipped one

“And I don’t even have to pretend to be deaf”, said another

“Pizzas and beer, every day,” mentioned one as glasses clinked over appreciative guffaws.

The ‘men only’ Thursday club was abuzz with excitement.

What after all was the role of women? To produce children. That is now taken care of. For a lone X-chromosome, women were too much of a hassle. They nagged and interfered, most were too expensive to maintain…. with their bags and shoes bills one could feed a nation. So many battles had been fought for them.


Many an establishment closed shop in a black and blue world, with an occasional brown thrown in. Fights would erupt for no apparent reason in an otherwise dull world. The sound of laughter was forgotten and the language was reduced to monosyllables and grunts.

Procreation went on though increasingly a lot of boys had deformities, a sort of incompleteness.

There were attempts to create a female from the male X-chromosomes but they failed inexplicably.


Thursday club was filled to capacity. An old timer was expected to come, who was one of the last to see a living, real woman and he would be regaling them with his anecdotes.

A silence filled the hall as he cleared his throat and started, “Once upon a time, walked these roads, women, the most beautiful creations of God….”

The audience listened spellbound.

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