A Perfect World ?

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“Wake up” an inner voice spoke to Herman. 6 am sharp Monday till Friday, the alarm clock would dutifully buzz and wake Herman up. Herman or fondly called HM has to then bear with an inner duel, a part yearning for some more sleep another part ready to get going, to race against time. Shower, breakfast done, a small hurdle – dressing. HM would go to different sections in the closet and keep mixing and matching until the perfect combination fit. “Why don’t you just pair them up and keep them together as a set, but then monotony is never exciting, so there you go. Anyways watch out the shoes and don’t mess with the heels like you did yesterday” the inner voice said and HM dutifully paid heed. “Do you need some help with the hair now? A matching hairband may be? You need to visit a salon soon though” The inner voice said.

HM was in mood for some makeup today, a tinge of lipstick for the luscious lips, kohl liner to highlight those eyes and gel to set the spikes in place. A look in the mirror and HM couldn’t stop admiring. A perfect image stared back.

“Isn’t this what you always wanted? No fear to step out, no struggle for power, no stigma attached to the way you dressed or looked. Aren’t you beautiful, aren’t you handsome? So feminine, yet so charmingly masculine. Self-sustainable you are Her-Man, the perfectly balanced hermaphrodite. He and She in sync makes the dignified YOU.” HM said to the image in the mirror and set for work.

**We appreciate your rating the story out of 10 at Writers and Readers’ Room | ArtoonsInn. This story is an entry for the one day event, HER, co – sponsored by BandCamera.

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