The trees, thorny bushes, rocks, and streams looked artistic scattered all over the place. Fruits were in abundance, so were fish and other animals. It took a while to figure out that a pointed stake was a weapon to hunt the prey. The last week’s storm burned a tree. As the embers continued to glow, who’d have guessed that cooked flesh tasted great?

It was the same thing every day. Sleep when the sky was dark, wake up with a groan when the sun was high. Of course, we had to leak as well. Having an audience was awkward for me. So, I did it behind the trees or hills.

To say I was bored would be an understatement. My friends… let’s call them fellows, were dumb. It dawned that my brain was comparatively better after interacting with them. That’s when I knew we were missing something. I had to know what it was.


“Woo hoo! Man, you up there? We need to talk.” I was in the forbidden garden at midnight.

The glow of the full moon gave me enough light. The clouds shimmered and moved. He was really coming to talk to me. As he drifted on a cloud, I noticed he wasn’t naked. I felt the urge to hide my… erm…

Ah, the bushes came in handy.

“I’m here.” His voice was like the nectar of a flower.

“Aren’t we missing something?” Better get to the point straight away.

He smiled. “Yes. Women.”

“Who are they?” I scratched my tangled hair. A spider crawled out.

“Your female counterpart. A she to your he.”

“Send them then,” I demanded.

He sighed. “I made that mistake once. Not again.”

A chill crept down my spine. “What do ya mean?”

He faded away leaving me in the dark.

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