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The Deal

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He needed a new room. As he had been kicked out. Again. 

It was dark and he noticed small children scurrying past with baskets in hand, dressed in Halloween costumes. The sounds of ‘Trick or Treat’ echoed in the air.

As he walked past, he saw the sign pasted on the window. ‘Rooms for rent in the attic’ it read. The rent was very cheap. He looked at the old brownstone house. It was dilapidated and in poor condition, but he didn’t have much choice and it sounded like a good deal. 

He knocked on the door. An old man opened it. He smiled and his yellowed teeth shone under the lightbulb. 

“I..Uh…the ad. Rooms in the attic?” he asked.

“Yes. Come with me,” he led him up the stairs.

He felt uneasy as he trudged behind the man. Something wasn’t right, his mind cried and he muttered ‘Shut up’.

As he bent down and entered through the narrow door leading to the attic, he gulped.

There were jack-o’-lanterns lit up everywhere. Bats clung to the beams and cobwebs hung in the dark, dingy corners. People huddled together in a circle in the middle and were chanting, holding their hands together. It was eerie and he felt something brush his leg.

His hair suddenly stood on end. Instinctively he turned and saw the glint of the knife in the old man’s hand. 

“Noooo! But…why?” he cried.

“They come here for a feast every Halloween. I’m sorry, but I have no choice. It’s the only way I get to live. Call it my deal with the devil!” the old man screamed.

And all that was heard in the room was a loud gasp and then there was no more.


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